The InsideHook Guide to Fall Style

All the tried and true pieces the season demands

October 13, 2023 1:06 pm
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Fall style isn't as simple as it seems. We're here to help
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With each passing day, you probably thinking more and more about the web of interlinking complexities that is your fall wardrobe. After all, you’re just a man. It’s just what you do — that is, meticulously consider which flannel is best for the 54-68 degree range of spooky szn.

Or maybe not. Maybe you don’t have the time to really think about the ins and outs of chore coats and corduroy with a jam-packed autumnal schedule that includes chugging PSLs and going to bed at 7:000 PM. Maybe you need a condensed bible of sartorial curation and inspiration. Maybe, just maybe, you need a…fall style guide?

Fall Style Guide Checklist

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This is the part where we let you know that, as your everyday arbiters of taste and all things good, we’ve got your back, bro. Release yourself from the worldly anxieties of deciding between straight-fit and slim straight-fit jeans and lean on our one-stop-shop wealth of all the garms you should absolutely be snagging instead. Featuring all our (and by extension, your) favorite brands — from the closet staples of Buck Mason and Levi’s to statement-making knits from Drakes and Percival — we’ve rounded up 44 styles to ensure that you’re looking AGAP (as good as possible) this fall.

The Fall Style Guide

The Killer Fisherman Sweater

Top of your autumnal wishlist? Keep your eyes on the fisherman sweater, fellas. A workman’s sweater swerve since the days of Newman, the woven, rugged knit continues to telegraph class and an affinity for JFK Jr. in that special way only well-made Americana can.

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The Anti-Suck Denim

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. In the year of our lord 2023, why are you still wearing uncomfortable denim? With relaxed fit now king and elastane-infused blends better than ever, there are thousands of comfortable options — from $60 Uniqlo U joints to designer denim a la Acne that’ll keep those thunder thighs chafe-free and you looking totally fitted.

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The Essential Shacket

Too cold for a tee but too hot for your trusty waxed trucker? You’re in shacket country now, boy. The shirt-jacket hybrid is a total lifesaver for chilly date nights and drafty offices with nonexistent heating. They layer nicely, exude James Dean levels of cool and generally make you look like the vibey guy that you are.

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The Non-Hype Hype Sneakers

We’re living in a post-sneaker society, dawg. This, of course doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the idea of a crispy pair of white kicks for fall — it just means you have to choose more carefully. Dodge soul-sucking collabs and overcooked silos (we’re looking at you, Sambas) and opt for something fresh instead. Bonus points if you can also rock them at your coworking space.

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The Concrete-Weight Tee

If the farmer’s almanac is any indication, a dinky cotton tee is not going to cut it this fall. Best invest in a massive, 100 lbs. tee that doubles as a weighted blanket. We’ve been wearing the hell out of our Field-Spec Tee from the menswear gurus over at Buck Mason…and we suggest you do the same.

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The Take Ivy Cords

We are so back. Corduroy season is here like it never left, and given the wave of prep sweeping the sartorial landscape, we could not be more stoked to slip into some velvety pleated comfort (or get mistaken for a recent Princeton grad).

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The Laid-Back Loafers

Sneakers are dead, loafers are kings, blah blah blah. You’ve heard the schpeel before, so instead of reminding you that slips on have assumed their rightful place as the “do-it-all” shoe of choice, we’ll simply direct you to a variety of the stompiest, loaferiest pairs on the market.

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The Really, Really Big Chino

Giant chinos: not the trend that any of us saw coming. Nevertheless, we persist, and no more or less live in our multiple colors of J.Crew’s revolutionary style. There are other great versions too, albeit a little less chonky — you’re actively bearing witness to the great chino resurgence. Don’t sleep.

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The Old School Oxford

So often, we urge you to get downright freaky with your ‘fits. But there’s a time and a place more reserved flourishes, too. Enter the (not so) lowly oxford shirt.

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The Mother of All Fall Outerwear

Drop the puffer coat. Drop the puffer coat! It’s fall — don’t let this magical time go to waste. Instead, eat, sleep and breath inside a tri-pocketed chore coat, and let the compliments shower over you like falling leaves.

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The Good Guy Rugby

Full stop, the rugby can be polarizing. Some say boyish, we say baller. Don’t be afraid to size up, too — you are not a Ralph Lauren model (neither are we), and the heavy twill-cotton blends the sporty style is known for does an excellent job hiding and paunches and chiseled abs alike.

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