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At InsideHook, we’re fond of calling ourselves “the go-to news and luxury lifestyle recommendation platform for the affluent, on-the-go gent.” But what does that mean, really?

Essentially it shakes out like this: as a man becomes more successful, his free time tends to shrink. So while he may have the means to be out there living his best life, what he doesn’t have is the time to sift through the mountain of information out there telling him what to do with this most precious of commodities.

That’s where we come in.

InsideHook is that guy’s consigliere, dutifully scouring the globe to find the most timely, important news, information and luxury lifestyle intel, and then delivering it to his inbox, desktop, smartphone, etc.

From news, sports and entertainment to travel, style and dining, our editors are passionate about bringing our audience the latest and greatest. It’s a job we take seriously, and one we’ve been at for almost a decade.

So let us do it for you, why don’t ya? We promise you’ll be glad you did.

Big News: InsideHook Just Got Bigger

In April 2019, InsideHook merged with RealClearLife, absorbing the latter’s staff and key coverage purviews. This new team provides our readers with a daily brief on the most important news items of the day: current events, sports, culture, technology, science, health — you name it. To learn more about the merger and what to expect, check out this note from our Editor in Chief.

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Our Two Vertical-Driven Email Editions

The Goods:

A shoppable, twice-weekly gear and style newsletter featuring deals, product reviews, seasonal roundups, brand profiles and more.

The Journey:

The best destinations, hotels, bucket-list experiences and of-the-moment travel intel for the globetrotting man.

InsideHook by the Numbers


InsideHook’s email newsletters reach 1.3MM+ subscribers each week — and we’re growing every day.


With millions of cross-platform views per month and an average of 1:35 minutes spent on page, our content resonates with the affluent, pressed-for-time gent.

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