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January 24, 2020 January 23, 2020

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The 5 Best Travel Bags for Carrying a Suit


The 5 Best Travel Bags for Carrying a Suit

These duffel/garment hybrids are all approved for carry-on

This Coat Is Like Wearing a Duvet


This Coat Is Like Wearing a Duvet

Roll a joint and get comfortable

Photo by Jordan Pulmano on Unsplash


When Do California’s Most Coveted Park Permits Go on Sale?

Want to hike the John Muir Trail? Get up Half Dome? Summit Whitney? Get in line.

bad hunter carrots

Food & Drink

11 Chicago Restaurants Serving Plant-Based Food That Doesn’t Suck

We're not talking Impossible and Beyond. We're talking veggies done right.

how to build your own sauna

Home & Design

A 10-Step Guide to Building Your Very Own Wood-Burning Sauna

Ball and Buck founder Mark Bollman walks us through a DIY build in the Berkshires

genesis g70


The Genesis G70 Is the Rightful Heir to Germany's Best Luxury Sedans

With performance more democratized than ever, it’s time to consider Hyundai’s ascendant luxury brand

Millennial voting


Will Millennials Become More Conservative as They Age?

Based on years of research, the generation may defy expectations

custom-outfitted Land Cruiser Africa


The Modern Kenyan Game Drive Is Truly a Once-in-a-Lifetime Trek

They've traded out hunting rifles for DSLR cameras, but the thrills remain intact

Orlando Magic best player Markelle Fultz


The Resurrection of Markelle Fultz

After a change of scenery, 2017's top pick is one of the NBA's brightest young stars

Daily Brief

News From Around the Web

January 24, 2020 January 23, 2020

This Is the Future of American Transit


Can High-Speed Trains Save America?

In California, the industry is in its infancy — but a boom could be on the horizon

Electric Scooters


It's Time to Take Buying an Electric Scooter Seriously

America has a scooter-sharing problem. The rather obvious solution is more affordable than you think.

Electric vehicles charging infrastructure


Is America's Electric-Car Market on the Verge of a Crisis?

It’s not the vehicles. It’s how and where we're going to charge them all.

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J Bespoke

Food & Drink

In Defense of the Speakeasy Sports Bar, NYC's Latest Drinking Trend

Manhattan's J.Bespoke offers sophisticated ambiance and a killer cocktail program for the Jets/Knicks crowd

MLB's Sign-Stealing Scandal Has a Silver Lining for Baseball


The Silver Lining to MLB's Sign-Stealing Scandal? People Actually Care.

It's late January and we're talking about baseball, for once

Jennifer Nettles attends the 53nd annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 13, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)


CMT Promises Gender Parity. Why Won't Country Radio Do the Same?

Women are receiving just 1/10th of airplay on country radio, down from 1/3rd two decades ago

japanese whisky shortage


With a Japanese Whisky Shortage Nigh, It's Time to Start Investing

We spoke with experts to figure out which bottles you should stock up on ASAP

Ask a Barber


Your Most Common Grooming Questions, Answered

Yes, you should get a pedicure

Millennial Ailments

Health & Fitness

Is This How Millennials Die?

The serious ailments that a generation's worst habits could spawn

millennials the divorce generation


Will Millennials Break the Divorce Trend in America?

The generation has been credited with killing divorce, but will the trend continue as millennials approach middle age?

The Gentlemen cockney movie


Guy Ritchie's "The Gentlemen" Is a Bunch of Grumpy Old Lads

The director hopes to get back to the glory days of early aughts. The results aren't great.