The Best Places to Buy Prescription Glasses Online

Why you should definitely consider foregoing the brick-and-mortar stores altogether

Updated August 4, 2023 5:00 am
A sampling of prescription glasses from the best places to buy glasses online
You're gonna look great (literally).
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As someone who has worn prescription glasses since middle school, I understand the burden of not only having to acquire new glasses every couple of years but wanting those glasses to complement my face. The latter is often harder. No offense to my eye doctor and brick-and-mortar optical shops, but sometimes the selection just isn’t up to par, and in an age where glasses are so stylish that even those with 20/20 vision want to wear them (gag!), the visually impaired among gotta keep up. May I introduce to you, then, the world of online prescription eyeglass stores? 

Best assortment of online prescription glasses: GlassesUSA

Best trendy online prescription glasses: Warby Parker

Best affordable luxury online prescription glasses: EyeBuyDirect

Best vintage inspired online prescription glasses: Caddis

Best value online prescription glasses: Zenni

Best affordable stylish online prescription glasses: Liingo

Best celebrity favorite online prescription glasses: Diff

Best premium grade online prescription glasses: Tomahawk Shades

Things to Consider:

Before I tested these services, I had no prior knowledge, or real interest, in shopping for glasses online. For whatever reason, they just seemed like a hassle — what if they don’t fit my semi-large face, or what if the frames aren’t what I expected? Then I’ll have to ship them back and start the entire process over. As with all online shopping, you always run this risk when buying prescription eyeglasses online. However! There are a ton of pros I wasn’t aware of.

Cost: For starters, buying online prescription eyeglasses is often more cost-effective because you’re cutting out the middleman. According to Consumer Reports, people paying out of pocket for their glasses paid a median of $91 online, while those buying in-store paid $234.

Virtual & Home Try-On: There’s also the obvious convenience of getting to choose and try on frames in the comfort of your own home, and there are endless options. No more settling for the best worst pair at the eye doctor. 

Insurance: If you’re like me and were curious/confused as to how your insurance could play a part in acquiring a spanking new pair of frames, luckily most online prescription eyewear companies take vision insurance from a variety of providers or allow you to utilize your FSA/HSA benefits.

• Shipping & Returns: Most online glasses retailers offer fast shipping times and robust return policies that allow you anywhere from 14 to 60 days to try glasses before you decide they might not be the right fit. Glasses are a deeply personal fit and sometimes have a few days to figure out if it works for your face is an added bonus.

So if I’ve convinced you to take a chance and choose online services for your next pair of spectacles, below are eight of the best places to shop for prescription glasses online right now.

Shipping: 7 – 10 days | Return Policy: 14 days | Virtual Try-On: Yes | Vision Insurance Accepted: Yes

One of the largest online prescription glass retailers, offers an array of high-quality designer and house brand glasses from Ray-Ban to Gucci. I was able to try a pair of the Ray-Ban RX7066, and the process couldn’t have been easier. Simply find the frames you like, select lenses and either fill out your prescription online or upload a copy of it. Each order includes single-vision lenses that are made to order in-house, but you can also choose upgrades like progressive or transition lenses. After your frames are crafted, they undergo a series of inspections to ensure alignment precision and optical accuracy. As for the fit? Perfect. No returns required. (But if you do need a return, has a 14-day return policy, no questions asked.)

Our GlassesUSA Picks

Ottoto Pier

Round frame, Acetate, Width 52mm


Rectangle frame, Plastic, Width 50mm


Square frame, Acetate/Metal, Width 51mm

Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Shipping: 7 – 10 days | Return Policy: 30 days | Virtual Try-On: Yes | Vision Insurance Accepted: Yes

Probably the best-known online prescription glasses brand, Warby Parker specializes in the trendiest specs. All frames start at $95 — not too shabby for basic prescription lenses. Similar to, my Warby Parker experience was simple. Once you choose your frames, you’ll be asked to select a frame width, prescription type (here’s where you can upgrade to progressives), lens type (add blue-light filtering and light-responsive features to your lenses) and lens material. The company also offers a service called Home Try-On where you can pick five shades to try on at home for free before you buy. Or you can download Warby Parker’s app which features a virtual try-on feature allowing you to swipe through a bunch of frames on your face.

Our Warby Parker Picks

Carlton Eyeglasses

Round Frame, Acetate, Width 48mm

Donovan Eyeglasses

Rectangular Frame, Acetate, Width 50mm

Robbie Eyeglasses

Round Frame, Stainless Steel, Width 48mm



Shipping: 7 to 14 days | Return Policy: 14 days | Virtual Try-On: Yes | Vision Insurance Accepted: No, but FSA and HSA Accepted

EyeBuyDirect specializes in affordable but high-quality eyewear. Seriously, you can get frames for like $6 at this place (though, that doesn’t include prescription lenses.) Like the retailers above, you can add blue-light blocking to your lenses or even turn them into sunglasses if you so choose. And they offer a nice assortment of styles. So if you’re looking for a pair of specs on the cheap, hit up EyeBuyDirect.

Our EyeBuyDirect Picks

Ray-Ban RB7046

Round Frame, Plastic, Width 51mm

Morning Glasses

Round Frame, Acetate, Width 51mm


Rectangular Frame, Plastic/Metal, Width 51mm



Shipping: 7 – 10 days for a $5 flat-fee | Return Policy: 60 days for a $5 flat-fee | Virtual Try-On: No | Vision Insurance Accepted: No, but FSA and HSA Accepted

The self-proclaimed “anti anti-aging brand,” Caddis is leaning into the fact that we’re all growing older and our eyesight is worsening. Instead of trying to mask our age with trendy specs, they’re embracing tradition by offering readers, prescription glasses and blue light glasses your grandpa would love. The vintage, ’70s influence is evident in Caddis’ catalog (ironically, an aesthetic quite hip and trendy at the moment). All in all, if you want to make a statement with your eyewear — whatever your age — Caddis is your guy.

Our Caddis Picks



Shipping: 7 – 10 days | Return Policy: 30 days for a one-time store credit or 50% refund | Virtual Try-On: Yes | Vision Insurance Accepted: No, but FSA and HSA Accepted

Founded in 2003 by two scientists who answered the question: “Doesn’t everyone deserve to look good while wearing an affordable pair of glasses?” You can shop for well-made pairs that start at $6.95 and stop at $45.95 (and that number includes standard prescription lenses.) While you won’t find any high-rollers in Zenni’s selection, the company offers reliable, complimentary basics, which as those of us who require glasses know, is really all you need. And if you need assistance choosing a pair, Zenni’s optical stylists will guide you through your frame selection.

Our Zenni Picks

Aviator Glasses 419014

Round Frame, Stainless Steel, Width 52mm

Rectangle Glasses 2023521

Rectangular Frame, TR Plastic, Width 49mm

Titanium Rectangle Glasses 524912

Rectangular Frame, Titanium, Width 53mm



Shipping: Up to 14 days | Return Policy: 60 days for a return or exchange | Virtual Try-On: Yes | Vision Insurance Accepted: No, but FSA and HSA Accepted

Liingo has Warby Parker vibes in terms of style, but less of a selection. But that isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world — lots of these online eyewear brands have vast collections, which can be overwhelming, specifically for first-time buyers. Like the brands above, Liingo makes shopping for handsome spectacles a breeze, offering free in-home try-ons along with virtual ones.

Our Liingo Picks

The Brandon

Round Frame, Plastic, Width 49mm

The Clybourn

Round Frame, Titanium, Width 50mm

The Ballard

Rectangular Frame, Metal/Acetate, Width 55mm



Shipping: 4 – 9 days | Return Policy: 14 days | Virtual Try-On: No | Vision Insurance Accepted: No, but FSA and HSA Accepted

Luxe, sleek eyewear is Diff’s bread and butter. The celebrity favorite brand has surprisingly affordable prescription glasses, sunglasses and blue light glasses suitable for any face and any style — all handmade from premium materials in Southern California. Plus, every Diff purchase helps fund eye exams, surgeries, glasses and medicine for someone in need.

Our Diff Picks

Boba Fett Rx

Rectangular Frame, Acetate/Stainless Steel, Width 51mm


Rectangular Frame, Acetate, Width 49mm


Round Frame, Acetate, Width 49mm

Tomahawk Shades

Tomahawk Shades

Shipping: 7 – 14 days | Return Policy: 14 days | Virtual Try-On: No |Vision Insurance Accepted: No

Want premium-grade shades for under $100? Look no further than Tomahawk Shades. Launched in 2012 by Andrew and Ryan Shapiro who set out to provide handsome glasses without the handsome price tag, the company keeps prices low and quality high through small-batch manufacturing, which is why, compared to other eyeglass retailers, the selection may seem minimal. Again — not a bad thing! There are still enough styles to fit any preference, from smart square frames to more modern, oval frames, all made from durable, scratch-resistant materials and equipped with 100 UV protection. (The brand also offers sunglasses, blue light glasses and even snow goggles.)

Our Tomahawk Shades Picks

Parkers Rx

Rectangular Frame, Acetate, Width 53mm

Bragg Rx

Round Frame, Acetate, Width 49mm

Seaport Rx

Rectangular Frame, Acetate, Width 53mm



Shipping: 5-7 days | Return Policy: 30 days | Virtual Try-On: Yes |Vision Insurance Accepted: No

While Quay may be more commonly known for its stylish sunglasses, the Australian brand also offers an array of design-forward prescription glasses. Quay’s frames are impressively lightweight, ship quickly and include a ton of add-ons in their prices, including high-index lenses that are scratch-resistant and feature both blue light and UV protection.

Our Quay Picks



Shipping: 2-6 weeks | Return Policy: 30 days | Virtual Try-On: Yes |Vision Insurance Accepted: No

Tokyo-based premium eyewear label Jins believes eyewear should be more than just a necessity; it should be an expression of your personal taste. (If eyes are the windows to your soul, then glasses are the frames of the windows to your eyes and all that.) The brand has been providing functional, clever and lightweight eyewear for over two decades now, most of which is highly customizable to fit your unique style.

More Jins Picks


Privé Revaux Eyewear

Shipping: 21-28 Days | Return Policy: 30 days | Virtual Try-On: Yes |Vision Insurance Accepted: No

The celebrity-backed designer eyewear brand sells high-quality, sophisticated shades at accessible prices. Using top-of-the-line materials like durable frames and polarized, 100% UVA/UVB-protected lenses, Privé Revaux is ideal for those looking for a solid, no-frills pair of quality frames.

Our Prive Revaux Picks



Shipping: 7-14 Days | Virtual Try-On: Yes |Vision Insurance Accepted: No

With prescription glasses prices starting at just $78, Hubble is the premier destination for affordable, on-trend glasses, as well as cost-friendly contacts. And every pair of prescription lenses ships free to your door.

Our Hubble Picks



While Peepers doesn’t offer prescription glasses, if you’re in the market for readers, blue light glasses or progressives with a distinguishable look, the Oprah-favorite optical brand is the place to shop.

Shipping: 1-2 Days | Return Policy: 90 days | Virtual Try-On: Yes |Vision Insurance Accepted: No

Our Peepers Picks

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