“Jaws” Turns 50 Next Year, and It’s Getting a Documentary

The film, directed by Spielberg documentarian Laurent Bouzereau, will also cover Peter Benchley's novel

"Jaws" on the marquee at a movie theater. The movie, which turns 50 in 2025, is getting a new documentary from Spielberg documentarian Laurent Bouzereau
"Jaws" changed the cinematic landscape, so it's only right it's getting a proper 50th anniversary celebration.
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Laurent Bouzereau knows his cinematic history. He’s the author of a number of books on filmmakers and filmmaking, and his work as a director has involved everything from behind-the-scenes looks at dozens of movies to a critically acclaimed documentary about Faye Dunaway. Bouzereau also has a long history of working with Steven Spielberg; last year saw the publication of his book Spielberg: The First Ten Years.

All of which helps to explain why Bouzereau’s next project is a documentary about Jaws, the Spielberg movie that elevated the director’s career, established the blueprint for summer blockbusters and inspired subsequent generations of filmmakers. You’ll note that Jaws turns 50 next year, and the National Geographic-produced documentary — working title: Jaws @ 50 — is set to coincide with the film’s anniversary.

According to The Hollywood Reporter‘s Mia Galuppo, the film won’t just explore the making of Spileberg’s film — it’ll also delve into Peter Benchley’s bestselling 1974 novel, which was adapted for the screen. Peter Benchley’s wife Wendy will be involved in the documentary’s production, with Amblin’s Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey acting as executive producers.

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“The idea of diving into the past, present and future legacy of Jaws, combined with an informed and inspiring discussion about sharks and the ocean in one documentary, is a unique opportunity to explore the perfect union between art and science,” Frank and Falvey told The Hollywood Reporter.

Upon its release, Jaws @ 50 will join a growing collection of creative works inspired by the making of the blockbuster in question. Last year, Broadway audiences had the chance to see the play The Shark Is Broken. It starred Ian Shaw, who co-wrote the play based on the experiences of his father, actor Robert Shaw, on the set of Jaws. Could more glimpses behind the scenes be in store as we get closer to 2025?

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