The Todd Snyder Sale Is Heating Up

Is it really doomscrolling if you're paging through nice clothes?

Updated April 15, 2024 10:23 am
a collage of items from the Todd Snyder sale
Todd Snyder's sale section has something for everyone.
Todd Snyder/Getty Images

Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, we may earn a small share of the profits.

We recently discovered that men don’t know where to buy pants…or button-ups, or jackets. Or clothes, in general. This is confounding to us, as we’ve been preaching the good word of Todd for going on a decade now. After all, the Americana GOAT continues to deliver all of the menswear upgrades to the stuff you want to (and should) wear, especially as we head into a new season.

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Now, we’re completely aware that blowing a bag on a cashmere chore coat might not be an option for you at the moment. So to help you save a buck while looking your best, we’ve undertaken the tireless task of paging through the entirety of Todd’s killer sale section — full of hundreds of seasonably appropriate styles like sneakers, pleated pants, so much more — and rounding it up neatly for you below. We’re talking up to 70% off Todd’s meticulously crafted wares, as well as the odd New Balance or collab item.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best deals and steals from the current Todd Snyder sale. Or, shop the sale for yourself here. Have at it, friends.

It’s rugby polo spring, fellas.

Drawstring trousers, god’s bravest solider.

A denim jacket for spring? What a novel idea!

A navy striped sweater might be a style move that dates back decades, but Todd Snyder uses the latest in merino to make sure you’re not sweating through yours.

Nothing to see here, just summer’s favorite shirt.

News flash: you don’t need to wear the full suit.

Sorry pal, but every guy needs a travel blazer.

Todd Snyder x Champion’s midweight sweats are dialed for spring, with a cozy 18 oz French Terry weave and steely blue shade. Cop on for under $90 today.


The only shoes that matter for spring.

The cold may be on it’s way out, but for those chilly mornings, nothing beats Todd’s tasty take on the finance bro vest.

A backpack? To work? Grow up and get a nice tote already.

Fellas, here me out — this and a white tee is your new spring uni.

The waviest New Balance hikers, now in an equally vibey cream (and on sale).

Resolution for 2024: dress more like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society.

Swinging a hammer, tapping away on your Macbook Pro — these moleskin carpenter joints don’t discriminate.

Inspired by military origins, tailor-made for whatever bar crawl is on your agenda.

Todd’s take on a classic chukka combines timeless style with an otherwordly dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

Stuntin’ in my corduroy.

Pure herringbone luxury, workwear-afied.

Jacob Elordi is everywhere, huh?

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Don’t listen to the clowns — white is totally acceptable.

You might not need a winter coat anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can invest for next season.

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