The Best Wrinkle-Resistant Travel Blazers For Frequent Flyers

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Updated May 4, 2024 9:45 am
a model in a travel blazer on top of a cloud-like background
The best travel blazers aren't just a gimmick — they're a bona fida style-meets-function move
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Despite what the above image of Keanu Reeves might have you thinking, traveling has gotten immensely, almost unbearably stressful. Outrageous luggage fees, last-minute gate changes, minor technical issues like losing a door midflight — it’s a far cry from the martini-and-cigarette-fueled aerial romps that Mad Men promised (this is perhaps for the best) or even the glammed-up days of ’90s celebrities and Jamba Juice at LAX.

The chances of you even just making it to your economy deluxe plus seat unscathed are slim, and unless you’re prepared for an intimate tete-a-tete with Cincinnati’s shadiest dry cleaner, the suit jacket you’re flying in (read: stuffing into the overhead compartment) is bound to end up a wrinkled shell of itself. Better just opt for a chore coat and a Weezer tee, right?

This is a shame, because most men packing or wearing blazers for trips are doing so for busy days of business, or because they’re trying to look particularly good on vacation, and, unfortunately, a crumpled mess of a sports coat lends itself to neither.

I’m here to tell you that doesn’t have to be like this — there’s a better way to travel, and it’s not a pair of sweat-wicking underwear or Delta One, although both are equally as important. There’s a new breed of stylish, comfy travel blazers out there, designed to stand up to bumpy, toddler-adjacent flights and landing gear failure without so much as a creased lapel.

What is a travel blazer?

A travel blazer is just that — a blazer designed specifically for the unique challenges of long hours on a plane and sweaty taxi commutes. Given the particular demands surrounding a conventional jacket, most differ from traditional suiting specifically in the fabric department.

These garments, no matter their exact tech, project a more casual fit without sacrificing anything in the way of looks. They fold easy, allow for the inevitable second or third use, and work with a variety of outfits.

What are travel blazers made out of?

For years, the secret to the travel blazer’s unique properties has been hopsack. It’s a material constructed using a basket-weave technique that can be applied to a blazer made of wool, or a wool and cotton blend, and it absolutely refuses to wrinkle. The pattern also resists stains, and thanks to its construction, breathes better than most suits. (Think of the performance you’d expect from a waffle-weave towel compared to standard terry-cloth cotton.)

However, Hopsack isn’t the only fabric tech keeping suits fresh for travel nowadays. A bevy of suit suppliers have taken it upon themselves to release “jetsetter” lines, which often feature “unstructured” or “unconstructed” blazers. These are jackets with unpadded shoulders, little or no lining, and a lightweight fabric blend, most often wool or cotton (unfortunately, not linen), that either come with natural stretch, or feature a minuscule percentage of a stretching agent, like elastane.

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With a newly acquired 411 on everything TB — short for travel blazers, keep up — all that’s left is to check into your long haul and express ship one of the many superior coats that we’ve neatly rounded up for you. From a classic Brooks Brothers hopsack coat to a pleated Japanese layer that’s so bold it just might close the deal, find the best travel blazers for men below. Happy shopping and safe travels.

A hopsack option from the most famous name in suits, woven in Italy and cut to relaxed perfection. A handsome multi-check pattern and suede elbow patches go a long way in establishing your ethos as a grizzled frequent flyer.

At just $70, we could care less if Uniqlo’s poly shell is a touch less sophisticated than other options on this list, especially considering the Japanese-designed jacket’s ability to fight off wrinkles and fold down neatly.

According to a recent New York Times survey, J.Crew’s trusty Ludlow suit remains the most popular off-the-rack style in America, and it’s easy to see why. The spring iteration, woven from a breathable cotton-linen, fits like a glove, but its unstructured fit endows it with more give than your traditional two-piece. If a full suit, not just a sleek sports coat, is required for your journeys, J.Crew has you covered.

Unlined, unconstructed and spun from a luxe cotton-linen blend. We can only describe the vibe of Bonobos’ double-breasted knockout as Georgio Armani circa 1989 meets performance pants…and we’re not mad at it.

Not a fan of stiff shoulders? Faherty’s Inlet Blazer looks to solve the restrictive issue that most jackets face with a soft, stretch-knit blazer that’ll put even your favorite tee to shame. As much sweater as it is a sports coat, this cotton layer dodges many of the issues traditional blazers are plagued with, making it a perfect option for long travel days and casual trips.

Most men are afraid of the wrinkles associated with a viscose-linen blend, but a chosen few understand that clothing is all about character. When you add an expertly designed double-breasted Barena suit into the mix, it all becomes a bit clearer.

If your concerns skew deciding which jet to charter over worrying about wrinkling your blazer in the middle seat, then De Petrillo’s luxe cashmere blazer is right up your alley. Tailored to perfection by Italian masters, the double-vented (with buffalo horn buttons, to boot) blazer has notch lapels and an unstructured finish that just oozes a certain Roy.

More Travel Blazers We Love

a model in a grey Eddie Bauer travel blazer on a grey background
Eddie Bauer Ultimate Voyager Travel Blazer
Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Ultimate Voyager Travel Blazer

Eddie Bauer is famous for their travel clothes, so it’s no surprise that their Voyager Blazer is something special. It’s made from a versatile polyester fabric that has a beautiful texture and drape. The blazer is half-back and sleeve lined, making it easy to get in and out of. Two spacious front pockets and two internal pockets make this blazer ideal for work or travel. A DWR finish protects the fabric against moisture and light rain.

a model in a purple Homme Plisse Purple Tailored Pleats 1 Blazer on grey background
Homme Plisse Purple Tailored Pleats 1 Blazer

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake Tailored Pleats 1 Blazer

“Travel blazer” and “fashion” are two words that you typically hear together, but that doesn’t mean that ultra-stylish joints that actually travel well don’t exist. Case and point: this pleat-pilled blazer from Japanese legend Issey Miyake’s Homme Plissé can scrunch, fold and bundle in virtually any manner thanks to its unique garment-pleated polyester twill blend.

a brown Wills travel blazer on a grey background
Wills All Season Stretch Wool Blazer

Wills All Season Stretch Wool Blazer

Yards of stretch and an all-season wool weave make Wills’ Blazer ideal for long trips and suitcase stints, especially considering its eyecatching hues and trim cut.

a model in a bone Lululemon travel blazer on a grey background
Lululemon New Venture Blazer

Lululemon New Venture Blazer

We’re not encouraging you to run a couple of miles in Lululemon’s performance-informed New Venture Blazer…but then again, we’re not not?

a model in a black Banana Republictravel blazer on a grey background
Banana Republic Signature Hopsack Suit Jacket
Banana Republic

Banana Republic Signature Hopsack Suit Jacket

Brooks Brothers may have the hopsack title on lock, but Banana Republic is a close second, with fabric straight from Italy’s famed Reda mill and a streamlined cut for minimal wrinkles and maximum breathability.

a model in a green Buck Mason travel blazer on a grey background
Buck Mason Herringbone Twill Carry-On Jacket
Buck Mason

Buck Mason Herringbone Twill Carry-On Jacket

Aptly named, the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is crafted with a pre-washed 7.5 oz. sueded cotton herringbone twill, meaning an instant lived-in feel and advanced durability, even in the most cramped conditions.

a model in a light blue Percival travel blazer on a grey background
Percival Linen Tailored Blazer

Percival Linen Tailored Blazer

You might be confused — after all, linen is notably delicate. But really think about it — what is a few more wrinkles on this suave Percival number?

a navy Ministry of Supply Kinetic Blazer on a grey background
Ministry of Supply Kinetic Blazer
Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply Kinetic Blazer

Somewhere between a travel blazer and a supercomputer, the Ministry of Supply Kinetic Blazer is teched out to the max: its specialized warp-knit fabric offers virtually uninhibited movement, and with a DWR water-repellant coating, it’ll stay dry and clean when you need it most. MOS has even updated the fit to run close to TTS than its small-running predecessor.

a model in a green Todd Snyder Knit Madison Sports Coat on a grey background
Todd Snyder Knit Madison Sports Coat
Todd snyder

Todd Snyder Knit Madison Sport Coat

Ready to join the mile-high club? No, not that one — we’re talking about the literal country club you’ll surely get invited to after pulling up in Todd’s Knit Madison Sports Coat.

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