Elegant, Effortless, Murse-Forward: The Jacob Elordi Style Bible

Disclaimer: this article will not make you 6'5". Or give you a killer mullet.

January 17, 2024 12:27 pm
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Jacob Elordi is a style icon. Here's how to dress like him.

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Scroll the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, and we can guarantee you’ll bump into a picture of Jacob Elordi. TikTok, Instagram, even Pinterest promise more of the same. The dashing Saltburn and Euphoria actor is seemingly everywhere these days; photographed jaunting around his adopted home of Los Angeles barefoot (gross), fan-cammed grabbing caffeinated beverages for height-challenged friends, spotted clutching a tattered little paperback, generally JAW-level animal magnetism required of any new Hollywood sex symbol.

This heightened Elordi intrigue is charged by more Aussie genetics and a semi-perverse interest in bathwater. The 26-year-old A-lister has developed something of a reputation for dressing in recent years, enough to win favor with everyone from Louis Vuitton’s in-house cowboy to the incel-adjacent online army of cult fashion podcast Throwing Fits. (TF crowned Elordi as the best-dressed man of 2023 in their annual “Fitties”.)

Combining an affinity for trucker hats and handbags with disarmingly casual staples, Elordi’s menswear star is on the rise, gracing the covers of publications like GQ and VMan and providing a willing model for Valentino suits and “James Dean Death Cult” ephemera. And for good reason: the quintessential Jacob Elordi style involves a blend of tonal minimalism and linear workwear, with just a touch of coquette-esque refinement for good measure. It’s a personal style that feels on-trend and honest to Elodri, perfect for the daily demands of heartthrob duty.

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If you, too, count yourself among the multitude of Elordis and ladies (you heard it here first), there’s a good chance you may want to emulate big J-dog. That’s where we come in. We’ve created a handy guide to nailing Elordi’s effortless street style. We can’t bestow you with his coveted mullet or he-is-so-babygirl-for-this demeanor, but we can offer a variety of tricks and trips — these range from making for the murse to embracing your inner superstar — that make Elodri the certified fit god he is. Below, the official Jacob Elordi style guide.

Murse it up, dude

LV Speedy Bags. Teeny-tiny cross-bodys. A straight-up clutch. The Euphoria star’s appreciation for the (let’s call it what it is) purse has been nothing short of a revelation for the millions of TikTok dudes looking to jack some Jacob Elordi style. The actor’s reasoning? Simple — he has stuff to carry.

But we’re thinking bigger picture than a place to stash your pack of American Spirits and @hotguysreadingnyc-bait novella. A sick bag introduces a whole new element of any leather moto-work pant airport ‘fit you may or may not be trying to pull off. Read it and weep, bag deniers — a scrappy little number adds a pop of color or texture, gives you something to do with your hands and generally makes you look like the put-together king on the go that you are.

In summary: fellas, it’s 2024. Don’t be afraid of the murse. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as a Bottega Veneta puffy clutch — even a simple shoulder-slung tote should suffice.

Keep it casual and cool

Casual and cool may seem redundant. They are not. Thanks to the athliesurifacation of society’s day uniform, comfort is more accessible than ever…and often presents itself in the form of plastered-on joggers. Take a page from young Jacob’s book and buy a Range Rover opt for something a bit more put together. Notice that everything Elordi is rocking falls squarely in the cozy camp — and oversized vintage sweatshirt, a pair of (in this case, sold-out Sandro Paris) washed jeans, and a trusty, worn-in pair of lug-sole boot — but together, exudes that laid-back cool you’re searching for. The boonie hat certainly helps, too.

Never be afraid of some good ol’ fashion stunting

It’s called star power. Look it up. Our boy Elordi might be prone to a good old-fashioned jeans-tee combo, but it doesn’t mean he won’t occasionally whip out the big guns — say, a billowing black overcoat and some F1 aviator shades — when he has to. While this ‘fit falls well within the casual-cool purview, it’s markedly diffrent from some of Elordi’s other more basic looks in its arresting potential.

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The execution here is perfect, primarily because 1) he’s not doing too much and 2) an oversized coat really bangs. Don’t be afraid to emulate with a statement piece of your own, be it luxe cashmere from The Row or a hand-me-down Balmacaan from your grandfather. Just keep the rest simple, and make sure it fits you just right.

Make suiting work for you

The street style looks might be propelling Elordi’s meteoric rise as a style icon, but he’s no slouch on the red carpet, either. Quintessentially British Burberry three-pieces, dripped out Bottega, even a Valentino short suit (move over, Pedro Pascal) — Elordi may seem all over the place with his sartorial choices, but there are unifying threads here. Killer accessories, for one (we don’t know how many times we have to tell you, you need a tiny chain), but also an intentional answer to Mr. six-foot-five’s body type.

Elodri (or his stylist) often opts for structured shoulders and a longer break, providing structure and proportion so the actor doesn’t appear too Gumby-like. Even with a relaxed-fit suit, like the pinstripe beauty seen above, details like a slightly-cropped blazer and exaggerated shirt collar help to smooth out a larger silhouette. This might not be the exact formula to copy, as not many of us are blessed with the Aussie’s stature, but the point remains: play to your strengths. And get a tailor.

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