The Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein Underwear Ad That Broke the Internet

The internet's collective boyfriend gave us a six-pack of reasons to buy some Calvins

January 5, 2024 1:08 pm
Jeremy Allen White in Calvin Klein underwear outside
Jeremy Allen White Is the star of the latest Calvin Klein campaign.
Calvin Klein/Mert Alas

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There’s a hot-blooded and ongoing debate ranging here at InsideHook HQ — is Jeremy Allen White too jacked? Which, as you can imagine, meant that there was a hell of a lot of “daddy” and “ugly-hot” and “drooling emojis” launched across the corporate slack yesterday when Calvin Klein’s latest underwear campaign hit socials everywhere.

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Much to the collective pleasure of everyone, everywhere,The Bear and The Iron Claw actor dropped trou for the whole of New York in the preeminent underwear brand’s 2024 campaign, shot by photographer Mert Alas. Set on a rooftop overlooking the New York City skyline, the ab-forward images feature JAW stripped down in CK’s latest and not much else, with but a few pushups and curls as preparation. Not to be horny on main, but in is, in a word, a treat.

This is not the first time our floppy-haired short king has treaded in the waters of fashion. Much of Allen White’s wardrobe on The Bear was carefully selected to emphasize’ Carmy’s obsession with subtly great style, and 2023 saw an obligatory JAW inclusion on virtually all the “best-dressed men of 2023” lists. There’s even a whole IG page dedicated to cataloging the actor/beefcake’s daily donnings (these include everything from tiny Italian luxury labels to Stüssy).

Disclaimer here: wearing even the freshest, tightest, whitest pair of CK’s probably will not make your abs look as Kyle XY as JAW’s. That being said, they are a worthy investment for the new year, which is why we’ve found the exact pairs that Allen White wore in the shoot, from the snuggly Micro Stretch Low Rise Trunks to the block-logo Intense Power Ultra Cooling Low Rise Brief. Channel your inner angsty chef, bust out the sea salt spray and cop some of the Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein boxers below.

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