The Best White Sneakers to Round Out Your Fall Footwear Rotation

Name a shoe more important than the white sneaker. We'll wait.

Updated September 18, 2023 8:15 am
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The best white sneakers for men are more than a fall staple — they're a year-round necessity.
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White sneakers aren’t the only shoes in our collection of footwear (far from it), but we’ll be damned if they’re not the first style we’re reaching for when we can’t decide what to wear. Between boundless versatility, trend-agnostic form and a blank-slate curb appeal, they’re appropriate for grocery runs, date nights, days at the office, even weddings — all assuming you get the right pair, of course.

Any sneakerhead worth his weight in Yeezys New Balance 990s will tell you that an unsoiled white kick trumps all, partly for that glorious fresh out-of-the-box smell and partly for the deviant thrill of beating them up. Some crispy white sneakers will make you feel like a new man — perfect for some fall wardrobe rehab, no?

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How to Wear White Sneakers:

We’ve got one sentence for you, dawg: let it rip. From orduroy suiting to jeans and a tee, white sneakers can and should be worn with everything and anything. We like our kicks beat up, but a sparkling pair is cool by us, too.

There are some general rules of thumb when popping on a pair of sneaks, especially during the fall. Being choosy about materials will serve to extend the life of your kicks — for instance, forgo suede and canvas in torrential downpours. And remember — don’t get lost in the sneaker sauce. Unless you’ve got some ultra-rare collectors edition on ice, chances are your shoes fall firmly into the accessories category, whatever your online hypebeast bros might tell you over DM.

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Why You Should Trust Us:

Thanks to their wearability and status in da culture, there is an overwhelming abundance of white sneakers to choose from. Every brand, retailer and fashion house around has taken a crack at the style over time, producing canvas, gum-soled low tops to sporty woven sneaks to $700 designer kicks and beyond. Some are very good. A lot are very, very bad.

Because it is quite literally our job (and because we’re closeted sneaker freaks, okay? There, we said it.) we’ve poured countless hours of research into sneaker forums, menswear podcasts, expert recommendations and more before commandeering and wear-testing literal hundreds of pairs of white sneakers over the past few years, all in an attempt to find the best pair out there.

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To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve consolidated our findings and rounded up all the hardest-wearing, best-looking and generally most excellent white sneakers on the market right now. A ton of styles from Nike, New Balance, Common Projects and more all make appearances, with the same unifying factor — a go-with-anything exterior that’ll anchor up your fall wardrobe for sure. Below, the 30 best white sneakers to wear in 2023.

The Best White Sneakers for Men:

Material: Vegan leather | Sizes: 5-14 | Fit: TTS

Look up “white sneaker” in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of the Adidas Stan Smith staring back at you. The shoe has it all — rounded toe, recycled vegan upper, versatility in spades and over 50 years of history to back it up. If we had to choose one (readily available) white sneaker to wear for the rest of our little lives, there’s no question that we would very happily live out our days with Mr. Smith on our feet.

Material: LWG Gold-certified Italian leather | Sizes: 7-16 | Fit: TTS

The Koio Capri is crisp sneaker perfection, with a true all-white colorway and supple, full-grain leather that’s been handcrafted in Italy and set on a durable rubber sole. Sturdy enough to wear every day but formal enough to pair with some smart trousers, or even a casual suit, they’re a great pair for the months ahead.

Material: Synthetic leather | Sizes: 7-14 | Fit: TTS

Two Swiss legends, one stellar shoe. Roger Federer and On Running continue to impress with their joint sneaker releases, and much like the king’s on-court presence, their third effort, the Advantage Tennis Shoe, is elite. Crafted with premium materials (only the best) and a decidedly laid-back vibe, these emulate craftsmanship and quality fitting of tennis royalty.

Material: FSC-certified TENCEL Lyocell | Sizes: 8-14 | Fit: Wide

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying the ingenious design of Allbirds’ cult-spawning Tree Runner. Woven with a revolutionary lightweight and breathable eucalyptus fiber, these sneakers are lighter than air and hold up surprisingly well. An added bonus, the Tree Runner is not only produced with eco-friendly, sustainable materials, but trumpets a carbon-neutral creation process, as well.

Material: Canvas | Sizes: 3-18 | Fit: Narrow

The Chuck Taylor All Star is the bread and butter of white sneakers; simple, easy to wear and incredibly cost-effective. It’s literally impossible to go wrong in a pair, especially considering their massive size range. One word of note — they do run narrow, so if your feet fall wide-load, consider sizing a half size up.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 4-15.5 | Fit: TTS

Available on Amazon and regularly on sale, you might think that Superga’s 2750 style were a pair of junk. Not so — the century-old sneaker brand has been making faith white kicks since well before you were born, and chances are, they’ll be making them well after you’ve gone.

Material: 100% Recycled materials | Sizes: 8-13 | Fit: TTS

Fun fact: it takes not one, not two, but 28 plastic water bottles to create the recycled thread used in RS01 sneaker. That should tell you all you need to know about Rothy’s commitment to a more sustainable future, but in case you needed more, the zero-waste company is committed to zero-waste, LEED- and TRUE-certified factories by the end of 2022. Combine that with the fact that Rothy’s knit sneakers are cushy, sleek and washable, and we can’t find a reason not to snag a pair.

Material: Jacquard mesh upper | Sizes: 4-14 | Fit: TTS

Does it come as a surprise that Asics, a maximalist Japanese label best known for outfitting baseball players and the geriatric, would make the most sought-after sneaks since ALD x New Balance? Frankly, no — with a chunky, dad-core shape and a variety of collaborations with Comme Des Garçons and gold-thumbed JJJJound, it’s a wonder they didn’t blow up sooner. There’s zero denying that Asics are the hottest shoe on the market: the Gel-Sonoma 15-50 encapsulates their essence perfectly….and comes with a pretty baller backstory.

Material: Cowhide leather blend | Sizes: 4-14 | Fit: Narrow

Speaking of CDG, the Japanese house’s latest with Salomon is another example of the fact that money can indeed buy happiness. Somewhere between space shoes and a runway style, these bootied kicks are look futuristic as hell.

Material: Synthetic leather | Sizes: 4-14 | Fit: TTS

If you’re in the market for white sneakers and have even a modicum of drip, we implore you not to sleep on Ontisuka Tiger’s Mexico silo. A quirky cousin to the waffle runners and gazelles of yore, the Japanese design weaves together retro vibage à la Grace Wales Bonner and a care-free no laceless finish that feels very 2023.

More InsideHook-Approved White Sneakers:

Fun fact: it takes not one, not two, but 28 plastic water bottles to create the recycled thread used in RS01 sneaker. That should tell you all you need to know about Rothy’s commitment to a more sustainable future, but in case you need more, the zero-waste company is committed to zero-waste, LEED- and TRUE-certified factories.

Common Projects have turned into a bit of a joke on the online forums (we’re looking at you, r/malefashionadvice) but there are, not for nothing, a serious piece of footwear in their own right. Yes, they command a ridiculous price tag, but their leather shell is top-grade and wears beautifully. If you want to own the most expensive beaters know to man, look no further.

A sustainable leather shoe from the makers of our favorite…everything? Sign us up!

J.Crew’s extra-grippy vulcanized sneakers are one of the cleanest white sneakers you can snag.

Designed with the promise to plant two trees for every pair purchased, Cariuma’s sustainable mission is aided by the fact that the Oca Lows are the perfect summer beaters.

If retro is your vibe, the Samba is really the only option, despite it’s semi-annoying newfound fame. Gumsoled and sporting the classic long tongue, these bad boys and some short shorts are about to singlehandedly bring back the ’70s.

The Prada American’s Cup has been the luxury sneaker benchmark overseas for as long as overseas menswear has cared about white sneakers, and for good reason; their minimalist design, premium leather and handcrafted form make them bar none in the leather kicks game. Take a hint from your neighbors across the pond and set up your game.

Along with other retro styles like the Adidas Samba or Nike Blazer, the Reebok Club C has been a long-standing affordable alternative to its sporty competitors. That’s not to imply that the shoe is lacking in quality — its minimalist design and soft leather upper are just as good as they were 40 years ago.

As if the GREATS Royale sneaker wasn’t already good enough, it’s gone through a complete leather overhaul, without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

Off-white still counts as white, right? Doesn’t matter — Stepney Workers Club’s Dallow sneakers are made to get dirty, anyways.

An ethical shoe throughout the totality of its construction, the Veja V-10 is well-sourced, fair labor produced and ready to dress down a very swanky pair of trousers.

Sir Paul (no, not that one) makes a very good sneaker, complete with a zebra.

The Larry sneaker is a classic part of Mr Porter’s in-house label Mr P’s excellent line of basics, and can be cornerstone of your spring wardrobe, too.

In GAT (German Army Trainer) we trust.

Double-cushioned and finished with the classic Jack Purcell “smile,” these canvas joints are easy to wear and easier to re-wear.

Like many of the other low-profile sneakers on this list, Clae captures a classic court look with serious aplomb. Unlike its competitors, though, it’s crafted from an Italian nappa leather and sports a perforated suede upper. Take that!

This is ground control — copping a fire pair of Air Force 1s is cleared for takeoff.

If you’ve got Roy money to burn, look no futher than Zegna’s no-lace suede sneakers.

Who says GORP can’t be white?


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