The 8 Best Fall Fashion Trends For Men

From campcore to selvedge supremacy, here are our predictions for the season ahead

September 14, 2023 12:32 pm
a collage of items of fall style trends
From campcore to selvedge supremacy, here are our bold predictions for the season ahead
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Even without considering fall fashion trends, the seasonal wardrobe presents much to think about. Unlike the stingy shorts and sandals options of summer, the cool weather of autumn ushers in a wealth of baller options for the everyman to play with. You already understand much of this instinctually: it’s why we have hoodie and shorts season, cardigan o’clock, stuff like that.

Fall Style Essentials That Every Well-Dressed Guy Should Own
The new(ish) rules to live by when considering your seasonal wardrobe

But. As dudes who care (perhaps a little too much) about the intricacies of shoulder stitching and the latest from Dries Van Noten, we feel compelled to provide some expert advice beyond the general comprehension that an Oxford and chinos look fine together and won’t get you yelled at in the office. There are, after all, endless fall fashion trends to be aware of, whether or not you choose to partake or play observer.

As such, we, the style editors of InsideHook, have taken it upon ourselves to drop eight hot takes on how to approach the current state of seasonal sartorialism below: take what you like, leave what you don’t and make sure to cop some Ube-colored trousers this fall. Below, are the need-to-know fall fashion trends for 2023.

Loafers Are Here for the Long Haul

Listen up: you need to drop the sneakers and slip into some loafers. If we were talking stocks here, I would be advising you to invest. What initially could have felt like a flash-in-the-pan style moment has become an everyday staple, mostly because the appeal of loafers lies in their versatility, and because they can be found at almost any price point. Rock ’em with a suit (we’ll get to that) or slip on some classic501s; I’m a personal fan of the classic Bass Weejuns, but if you’re tired of the prep-adjacent silhouette, I recommend you take a stab at the chunky soled loafers at Blackstock & Weber, a modern option inspired by classic sneakers. — Jordan Bowman, Senior Editor

Fellas, It’s Time to Get a BBB (Big Boy Bag)

On a recent episode of cult bi-costal culture podcast How Long Gone, hosts Chris Black and Jason Stewart spent a significant amount of time bemoaning a chance encounter with Irish heartthrob Paul Mescal, simply because of the deranged (if not slightly benign) fact that the actor was sporting a Fjallraven backpack at the time. I couldn’t agree more: in the year of our lord 2023, it is insane to think of a grown-ass man like yourself is still rocking a beat-up backpack. I’m not saying you have to ditch the backpack style — although I’d much prefer you did — but get a proper leather or nylon bag, please. And preferably one that doesn’t look like you’re crating a warm six-pack to a Spikeball session with the bros. — Paolo Sandoval, Commerce Editor

Become a Rugby Shirt Radical

Rugby is a sport widely known for its chaotic physicality, guys built like Thanos colliding with each other like two asteroids in space. The modern rugby shirt, however, has transformed into a preppy staple. Countless brands make their own iteration, usually with a classic contrast collar and some kind of stripes or bold block print. Noah has been making a great one for years now. It’s made from a 100% cotton heavyweight thermal. Looking for a budget option? Pick up J.Crew’s classic striped number — JB

Casual Suiting: The Coolest Thing You Can Currently Wear

After a looong hiatus — the backlash to Reddit’s capital-M #Menswear era and the rise of athleisure buried tailors six feet under for much of the 2010s — casual suiting is back and better than ever, baby! With an abundance of killer options from Italian masters and giant retailers alike, in every shape, size and color imaginable, wearing one that you like (with whatever you like; yes, even that Wilco shirt) has never been easier…or more of a serve. — PS

Embrace the Raw Denim Resurgence

“Sick fades, bro. Is that honeycombing? Those better be selvedge.” The conversations around raw denim back in the early aughts were tiring. There were rules about how often you should wash your jeans and how they should fit. But the current raw denim resurgence is much more easygoing. Countless brands are putting their stamp on the classic fabric. The cuts are looser, the branding is more subtle and you don’t have to cuff to show off the selvedge. I’m a big fan of A.P.C.’s collaboration with L’Etiquette Magazine. It’s a classic cut with a higher rise and pairs well with damn near everything. I also recommend you slip into 3sixteen’s CS-101 cut if you want something that feels a little looser. — JB

Ciao, Barbiecore: Earthy Tonals Are Fall’s Official Color Story

Pink is so last box office. We’re waving goodbye to the days of Barbie-esque bubblegum, periwinkle and café au lait; with cooler weather on its way in, it’s time for a healthy dose of rugged, earthy tonals. This isn’t particularly radical as far as fall fashion trends go, but lean on shades that grow in or come from the ground when curating your own personal color palette this fall — burnt oak, terracotta, jasper and ube spring to mind as surefire hue hits. — PS

Ivy Style Isn’t Going Anywhere

At the end of last year, the InsideHook team made some predictions for the year and I put all my chips on Ivy style. Every menswear lookbook known to man had some sort of ivy or prep-adjacent influence. The podcast Articles of Interest had an entire season dedicated to the topic, there were classic J.Crew catalogs floating around online, and Tyler the Creator wore a loafers everywhere. And that still feels relevant even nine months later. The latest Noah lookbook is a great example or take a look at J.Press Pendant label for some more inspiration. — JB

Gorpcore Can Take a Hike — We’re on to Campcore Now

If you’ve ever opened your Instagram explore page or scrolled through the cursed hypermasc purgatory that is FashionTok, you’re probably familiar with Gorpcore, the ultra-technical style of dress that centers itself around sporting the likes of the Salomon XT-6 and military-grade Arc’teryx jackets to places that very much do not require that kind of optimized gear. You’re probably less aware of its kinder vibe cousin, Campcore, which swaps aggressive hikers and torrent-proof jackets from some laid-back Merrell Mocs and cozy Japanese fleeces. Visualize an end goal not as performancewear but as an accessory for some late-night smores. — PS

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