The State of Luxury: An Introduction to Our Favorite Brands and Looks From FW2023

The State of Luxury: An Introduction to Our Favorite Brands and Looks From FW2023

Featuring Ami, Dior, Canali and more

September 7, 2023 11:06 am

Here at InsideHook, we’re suckers for nice things. Is that an overused phrase? Maybe. But we can’t deny our affinity for a serious sports car, that premium pull of espresso, the heavy timepiece glinting on our wrists. We’re sure you’re the same way — after all, you’re reading this, aren’t you?

The final frontier of embracing this lifestyle, one that you might not be initiated into, is luxury fashion. It’s less intimidating than it sounds. Names that you might recognize, like Dior, Armani, Versace, and ones you don’t are making it easier than ever to project whatever sartorial vibe you might desire this fall, with the finest fabrics, elevated cuts and an air of sophistication only decades of history can provide. There are the quiet luxury looks that continue to strongarm runway looks (and for good reason) and a hint of trend — relaxed tailoring, high-concept knitwear and an emphasis on accessories — cropping up in collections ranging from Versace to Thom Browne. 

We’re here to curate it all for you with our latest fall fashion guide, shot with our favorite looks of the season and primed to serve as inspiration for the season ahead. Muted tonals, layers galore and an air of refinement run through the entire shoot; after all, we’re chasing luxury this fall, and you’re cordially invited along for the ride. As Ralph Lauren once said, “A lot of hard work is hidden behind nice things.”

Dolce and Gabbana’s designerwear continues to dazzle, especially when paired with some Bulgari bling. The Italian connection is real between the Milanese and Roman labels.

Dior’s evolution from leather goods brand to leaders in luxury has been well-documented, and their latest season has us seriously impressed.

The brainchild of Alexandre Mattiussi, Ami Paris has been delivering chic French staples since 2011. Their most recent collection delivers a combo of elevated tailoring and elegant minimalism.

A testament to the Italian art of sprezzatura, Canali’s velvety suiting makes for the ultimate fall look.

Mr. Americana should need no introduction, but the Ralph Lauren F/W 2023 is stuffed with playful surprises.

Emporio’s latest collection resembles the same classic Armani seasons from the ‘80s and ‘90s that you know and love.

Italian label Zegna has over 100 years of history behind their tailoring, and their newest staples imbue every ounce of that pristine heritage. Featuring bracelet from Elena Matallana.

Is there any designer hotter than American designer and CFDA chair Thom Browne? Uh, nope.

Alexander McQueen’s eponymous label has been delivering rock-star looks since 1992.

Blending ‘70s flair with Moroccan-Parisian patterns, Charaf Tajer’s Casablancas is the label to watch.

A multitude of textures highlight Versace’s F/W collection, from faux-croc to velvety wool.

Jack Carlson’s Rowing Blazers is reinventing prep for the modern man.

Gucci is on top of the world in their newest F/W collection, a combination of romantic styling and serious quality.

Ready-to-wear aside, Gucci’s luggage is second to none. Prepare to travel in serious style.


Photography: Daniel Matallana
Model: Hampton Webb @ Muse NYC
Grooming: Johnny Caruso
Creative Direction/ Fashion: Kevin Breen
Editor: Paolo Sandoval
Assistant: Marilyn Jordan