The Best Corduroy Pants You Should Be Wearing This Fall

Oh corduroy, how we've missed you

Updated October 2, 2023 12:00 pm
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Corduroy is the unofficially official fabric of fall, thereby making corduroy pants the unofficially official pant of the season.
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There’s zero question about it: Corduroy is the unofficially official fabric of fall. This, in turn, makes corduroy pants the unofficially official pants of the season. While the ribbed cotton material is certainly a seasonal darling — rarely does the fabric make an appearance prior to the turn of the season, unless you happened to indulge in a pair of corduroy shorts recently — its appeal is as sensible as it is widespread. After all, the best corduroy pants don’t just drape your thighs in ribbony cotton comfort, they’re a whole look level-up for any guy who recognizes the title Take Ivy.

It’s for this exact reason (functionality, also, looking light a straight-up ‘fit god) that we need corduroy pants now more than ever. Allow the supple (yes, supple) fabric to imbue not only your wardrobe but the entire season with that familiar feeling of warmth fall is meant to provide, especially when rendered in rich hues — your chestnuts, olives, mochas, you understand. With so many iterations and silhouettes of the cord pant now available, there’s zero reason not to wear them all season long.

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What Exactly Is Corduroy?

Let’s backtrack for a second. While we’re sure you’ve seen the material around (you probably own some form of corded apparel), you might not know what exactly corduroy actually is. Tracing its modern origins — corduroy-esque material cropped up as early as ancient Egypt — to industrial England, corduroy is typically made up of woven cotton, with polyesters and wool blends increasingly common as well, and is specially denoted by its piled ridges, otherwise known as “wales”.

These wales, in turn, help to denote the texture and look of the corduroy: utilizing a gauge based on the number of wales in a single inch of fabric, the numerical gauge (typically 8-16) offers insight into how thick the cord ribs are. In other words, a low-gauge wale means that classic thick cord texture, while a high-gauge indicates a finer structure.

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How to Wear Corduroy Pants This Fall

The joys of corduroy pants present themselves when it comes to seasonal styling; perfectly appropriate for the office, outdoors, bar and beyond, the multifarious nature of cords allows them to mix and match with nearly any pursuit. We’re opting for a straighter, wider-legged corduroy trouser this fall, much in line with the general (and literal) expansion of men’s pants in recent years, but a tapered fit is fine, too, as long as you remain conscious of your general silhouette.

Because we’re firm believers in the power of fall (and the power of corduroy) we’ve highlighted a good variety of waled styles to incorporate into your wardrobe. From Alex Mill to Buck Mason, the best corduroy pants for men are all you should be wearing this fall.

The Best Corduroy Pants For Men in 2023

Leave it to the creators of our favorite chinos to nail a perfect corduroy pant, too. Don’t fear Alex Mill’s acres of pleating, but embrace it with this pair of crsipy corduroys that might as well have been made for foliage hunting and steaming cups of cocoa. The rugged detailing makes for vintage-looking pants while also providing just the right amount of slouch for that instant casually cool look. They’re just the best, hands down.

Sure, you might already have some classic-fit cords. Maybe they’re even pleated, a plus in our book, especially if you’re channeling some form of ivy style. But chances are, they don’t have embroidered beagles on them. This should change ASAP.

Hardpressed to give up your selvedge this autumn? Ease yourself into corduroy with Buck Mason’s Cord Ford Standard Jeans — despite being cut from a 10 oz. 14-wale cotton corduroy, these five-pocket pants should feel just like the standard, touch-o-stretch, lived-in jeans you wear everyday.

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Backcountry in-house brand Stoic is a great place to snag outdoorsy basics; don’t sleep on their belted cord pants, which are especially solid for being just $69. Between a stretch blend, internal belting system and hook loops for all the gear you could possibly tote, consider them a real corduroy contender.

If you find yourself in need of a slightly dressier pant this fall, but you don’t want to go the typical (and expected) wool trouser route, consider these corduroy trousers from Todd Snyder. The corduroy lends them a casualness that will allow them to be worn in a range of situations, whether you want to don them during the day to feel slightly more put together or dress them up for a night out.

More Corduroy Pants We Love

The classic Brooks Bro wide-wale cords you remember from Dead Poets Society, now with a touch of stretch.

Made in India from 100% cotton, these lightweight corduroy trousers, much like Corridor itself, are full of a subtle class. Blame it on the cropped fit, the burnished off-white hue or intentional tapered rise — regardless, they’re a fantastic pair of pants.

Luxury might not be the first word that jumps to mind when you think of corduroy, but, like anything he touches, Italian menswear god Brunello Cucinelli has converted the standard pleated cord into a sumptuous pair of grail-level trousers. Finished in a rich chestnut hue, the Italian-spun bottoms are the softest piece of clothing you’ll ever own — if you can muster up the rack and change it’ll cost to cop them.

Woven from a thin, 15-wale corduroy, J.Crew Kenmare Suit Pants skew more party than professor. Their fit, inspired by cuts from the ’50s, sits slightly high on the waist, with a longer rise and easy leg to accommodate any offset proportion.

If Harry Styles were a pair of pants, we’re pretty sure he’d look something like these velvet Gucci cords. That should be all the encouragement you need.

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