Deal: Wellen’s Blue Jeans Are Organic, Soft and 50% Off Right Now

Three different styles of denim are on sale at Huckberry

Wellen Organic Jeans
Wellen's organic jeans are 50% off at Huckberry in three colors: light wash, stonewash and rinse [pictured here].

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Denim is one of the dirtiest products you buy regularly, on an environmental and humanitarian level. Your standard blue jeans use up way more water and energy than anyone should be comfortable with, but thankfully there are a few brands trying to make a better pair. Kelly Slater, for example, never thought his eco-friendly brand Outerknown would make denim, but they found a way. And so did fellow surf-inspired brand Wellen.

As we pointed out in the spring, Wellen was purchased by Huckberry and is now one of its in-house brands. And right now, they’ve got one of the best deals we’ve seen since the acquisition: all three styles of its organic jeans are 50% off.

Wellen Organic Jeans
Wellen’s organic jeans are on sale in light wash, rinse and stonewash. (Huckberry)

What makes a pair of jeans organic? The denim is made from 100% organic cotton, which they note cuts down on pesticides, water use and greenhouse gas emissions. But more than that, the factory where Wellen produces its jeans recycles the water used in the process, cleans it, then provides it to farms for irrigation. In other words, these are jeans you can feel good about — and that includes the soft fit and bargain price tag.

But are they really as good as regular ol’ polluting denim? At just $44 a pair, there’s been no better time to see, and feel, for yourself.

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