The 10 Most Common Misconceptions About the Female Orgasm

11: "No woman has ever faked it with me, ever."

By The Editors
October 24, 2016 9:00 am

The female orgasm has historically been a thing shrouded in misinformation. One recent study even tried to ‘solve’ why it exists. And while there is excellent intel out there about what gets a woman off, it still comes off second best (by a wide margin) to all the bad information.

So before you go hunting for the g-spot, let’s dispel the top 10 myths about the the female orgasm.

All Positions Work the Same
Not the case. Each position stimulates a woman differently. Depending on what works for her to reach climax, she may, for instance, prefer it from behind (which lends itself to deeper penetration) or on top (where she’s offered additional clitoral stimulation).

Intercourse Should Always Lead to Orgasm
Actually, only about 25% of women consistently orgasm during intercourse. It doesn’t happen for every woman every time, and for some women, intercourse just isn’t the way to get the job done at all. The other 75% require a different type of stimulation, clitoral, oral or otherwise.

All Women Can Easily Climax
While most men can climax in approximately five minutes, it takes about 20 minutes on average for a woman to reach climax.

Because You’re Having Intercourse, There’s No Need For Vibrators
Sex aids are not merely a “replacement” for intercourse with a partner. Vibrators can add heightened stimulation and add an extra “helping hand” where needed.  

Women Only Like Gentle Sex
On the contrary: women can get very kinky and love to f*ck as much as you do.

Condoms Make It More Difficult for a Woman to Orgasm
Condoms are thinner, stronger and better than ever. And the added relief of not ending up with an unwanted pregnancy or STI certainly can’t hurt matters.

Women Don’t Enjoy Quickies
No one has time for romance-novel marathon sex all the time.

All Women Can Have Multiple Orgasms
On the positive side, women — unlike men — do not need a resting period to ready themselves for another orgasm. They could be waiting in the wings at any given moment. On the other hand, there’s nothing that assures multiple orgasms. The best chance for both women and men to achieve them is to know your own anatomy and get plenty of practice.

Young Women Orgasm Easier
The female orgasm actually increases with age. Whether it’s due to experience, knowing oneself better or some biological element, older women orgasm more.

You Can Always Tell If a Woman Is Faking It
Not true. While there are telltale signs that a woman is having an excellent time, there are also phenomenal Oscar-worthy performers out there. In the case of a faked orgasm, though, no one wins. If you suspect she’s faking, it’s best to lean on those communication skills.

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