The Best Dressed Less Stressed Guest

Your Guide to Being the Life of the Party (for the Right Reasons)

September 29, 2016 9:00 am

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There’s always one. The guy at the party who everyone remembers … for ruining it.

His permutations are many: the unsolicited ass grabber, the TV remote thrower, the white-carpet sullier. But the impression he leaves is always the same: he’s not welcome back.

Don’t be that guy. Instead, be this guy: The Best Dressed, Less Stressed Guest, our blueprint to plying your hosts with grace, aplomb and really good gifts.

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The Gift That Keeps on Pouring

Hey you there. Yes, you. The one about to pick up that same bottle of wine on your way to the party that you always buy on your way to parties.

Put that down.

Don’t get us wrong — we’ve got nothing against a good red. Or a 12-pack of microbrews. Or any of the other standard hooches one typically grabs en route to a soirèe. We just think that when it comes to making one’s presence felt, showing up with something above the standard is a great first step.

And to achieve that, we recommend Dewar’s 12, the storied Aberfeldy distillery’s meticulously aged, honey-tinged dram that’s perfect for any type of get together.

Because here’s the secret: Scotch this smooth ain’t just for armchair sippin’. It’s social. It’s hey-who-brought-the-good-stuff-what-the-hell-let’s-have-a-glass-right-now party fuel.

And you? You’re now the guy everyone’s raising their glasses to.