10 Products That Will Make Keeping Your Closet Organized a Breeze

"Rotting" is out. Here's what to do instead.

Updated January 24, 2024 11:41 am
a closet organizer by West Elm
Your life is a mess. Your closet doesn't have to be.
West Elm

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Have you taken a look at your closet lately and wondered how everything got so messy? You’re not alone. But thankfully, there are hundreds of ways to organize your closet these days.  

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When organizing, the first thing you should do is weed through all of your clothes and gear to see what you’re actually wearing. You have to Marie Kondo that closet space and donate or sell whatever you don’t need. The less you have to actually organize, the easier it will be. You might find a lost gem that you haven’t worn in some time, or it might be time to finally retire those decade-old dress pants and upgrade to something new. 

With all of this in mind, we bring you 10 products that will help keep things organized.

You spent all that money on a beautiful shirt and now you’re about to ruin it with terrible metal wire hangers. Save yourself a bit of a headache and pick up proper clothes hangers. Using the wrong hangers is a great way to ruin collars on your beloved shirts. You can also end up with a weird shoulder hump on your looser knitwear. These particular hangers have a non-slip grip on either side to help shirts stay in place. They also lessen the chance of that not-what-you-wanted stretched collar look.

This cotton collection comes in a neutral “bamboo” color that’s suitable for a range of closet styles. Among our favorites in the lineup is the hanging organizer. It frees up a ton of space while offering access to things like sweaters, which should never be hung, only folded.

This sturdy, twisting organizer allows you to easily reach whichever pair of pants you need. It can store up to 15 pairs of pants and will save you a ton of closet space in the long run. Now you won’t be as tempted to chuck your trousers in the back of your drawer, which creases them and turns them, and you, in to a disheveled mess.

This modern coat rack has eight “branches” capable of holding not just coats, but backpacks, scarves and much more. And don’t worry about it tipping over — it also has a weighted base, which means the rack will hold steady no matter how many coats are draping on it. 

Ditch the basic shoe rack and those dusty old shoe boxes. You can protect your most coveted kicks with this six-pack of clear-front shoe boxes. If you’re looking to make a statement with your sneakers, adding multiple sets to build a tower is an inventive way to show them off. 

We’re all used to chucking our glasses or shades on top of our desk or on top of our drawer. But you should make a concerted effort to keep them organized. You can avoid unnecessary scratches and small abrasions with a simple lidded box. You also won’t have to worry about wiping off all the dust when you throw them back on.

Pro tip: Don’t keep your suits in the dry cleaning plastic. Invest in a suitable garment bag. You don’t only have them ready to go for travel, but now they are organized and protected when not in use.

Here, a classy option to protect and organize all of your shoe care products. Whether basic shoe cleaner or leather conditioner, it can all be kept in a cedar valet box like this one from Allen Edmonds. It will also naturally release a nice, woodsy scent throughout your closet. 

Of course, you could also go the all-in-one option and get almost everything you need at one time. This set includes adjustable shelving, multiple racks and a center unit for fold-only clothing and accessories. Birch Lane also goes like two step further by making the starter kit a modular design. That means you can customize and select the things you need and discard the parts you won’t need. If you’re working with a small or large closet space this is a great option for a quick closet organization rebuild.

Given their relative size, watches might feel like an afterthought, but keeping your timepieces organized in a handsome collector’s box (this one from Shinola Detroit holds up to eight tasty timepieces) can take your accessory coffers to the next level.

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