Does the Future of ADUs Involve Solar Power?

One company has an ambitious plan underway

Cosmic ADU
Cosmic Buildings' new ADUs have an ambitious plan for sustainability.
Cosmic Buildings

As the nation navigates the best way to deal with a housing crisis, multiple local governments have embraced an easy-to-implement measure: making it easier for homeowners to build more homes on their land. Cities and states across the nation have legalized the building of accessory dwelling units, or ADUs — a measure that allows for second homes to be built to house additional family members, renters and more.

What happens when that trend converges with another one gaining ground in residential construction — namely, the addition of solar power? In a recent article for Dezeen, Jenna McKnight explored the work being done by Cosmic Buildings, who have developed a series of solar-powered ADUs of varying sizes, ranging from studios to two-bedroom homes. Additionally, these homes will also “use recycled water for all non-potable needs,” with a further step towards sustainability.

McKnight’s article spotlights Cosmic ONE, the company’s latest ADU design, which is solar-powered and can be fully installed within roughly seven months of being ordered. According to the company’s website, the initial run of Cosmic ONEs are limited to 100, with a focus on building sites in California. (Cosmic Buildings is accepting deposits from customers across the country, with their website alluding to “the time when we are ready to build in your area” for non-California residents.

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According to a manifesto published on their website, Cosmic Buildings is dedicated to “[accelerating] the transition from conventional grid-connected, on-site built homes to factory-built, self-powered homes.” Prices range from a studio, starting at $279,000, to a two-bedroom unit, starting at $419,000. It’s an ambitious move — but it could help address an ongoing concern.

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