The 7 Best Cooling Sheets for Hot, Sweaty Sleepers

Heatwaves are hitting worldwide. Keep yourself cool at night with our top bedding picks.

July 19, 2022 12:22 pm
A sampling of the best cooling bedsheets for 2022
Chill the f*ck out and go to sleep.
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Welcome to sweaty summer. Heatwaves are hitting, sweat is dripping and every time we step outside we’re hit with a brick of hot, sticky, suffocating air. It’s awful.

But sometimes, what’s even worse than dealing with scorching temperatures in the daytime, is having to sleep through a heatwave at night. While our ACs are cranked up to a nice 69 degrees, we still occasionally wake up in pools of our own sweat. It’s why if you, like us, consider yourself a hot, sweaty sleeper, you’ll need some reinforcements — starting with the kind of bedsheets you’re sleeping on.

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All product-testing done by an honest-to-goodness sweaty sleeper

There’s about a thousand “cooling,” “breathable” sheets on the market, all promising to deliver a more comfortable night’s sleep. To whittle that lengthy list down, below we’ve gathered 7 of our favorite cooling sheets — all tested and slept on by us, some honest-to-goodness sweaty sleepers.

A bed outfitted with LifeLabs CooLife Sheet Set

LifeLabs CoolLife Sheet Set

Of all the cooling sheets on our list, LifeLabs’ CoolLife Sheet Set is by far the most technical. Featuring infrared-transparent fabric, LifeLabs’ CoolLife technology works by moving body heat away from your skin — and it’s exactly what this hotel-grade 450-thread-count sheet set does while you comfortably snooze.

Parachute Percale Fitted Sheet

Parachute Percale Fitted Sheet

Parachute’s lightest bed sheet offering is noticeably softer compared to other percale sheets we’ve tried. Like your favorite button-down, this fitted sheet is crisp, polished and only gets more comfortable over time.


Parachute Linen Fitted Sheet

Linen is a go-to fabric for summer bedding. The natural fiber derived from flax plants allows for strong ventilation and moisture absorption, making it a naturally breathable fabric. Like the brand’s percale offering, the fitted linen sheet feels impressively gentle against the skin, plus adds that casually rumpled, laidback bohemian look to your space. This sheet is perfect for those looking for a stylish cooling option.

Brooklinen Classic Cotton Sheet Set

Brooklinen Cotton Percale Sheets

There’s a reason these long-staple cotton percale sheets are Brooklinen’s signature. The DTC home brand’s hotel-inspired percale sheets (which feature a breathable 270-thread-count weave) have seen us through many hot, humid summer nights. While they might not be the softest bedsheet offering on our list, their thermoregulation is on point.

A bed outfitted with Homebird Cool and Crisp Percale Fitted Sheet Set

Homebird Cool & Crisp Percale Fitted Sheet Set

Homebird is a BIPOC, female-owned textiles brand that works with farming communities in India to make its luxe bed and bath linens. The direct-to-consumer brand’s best-selling 300-thread-count percale sheets are made from 100% GOTS-certified long-staple organic and Fairtrade cotton. The GOTS certification ensures that the materials used to make these sheets were ethically produced and grown in an environmentally friendly manner. As for their feel, you’ll find curling up with Homebird’s percale fitted sheet to be a refreshing treat at the end of a long, hot day. Bonus points for having easy-to-read labels identifying the long and the short side of the sheet.


Casper Hyperlite Cooling Sheets

Casper’s “coolest sheets yet” are powered by Tencel lyocell — an airy, naturally breathable fabric that comes from the pulp of trees — and feature the brand’s unique, vent-like grid weave designed to increase airflow. Hyperlite is definitely the least substantial offering on our list, and we were genuinely surprised by how thin the material is. But when it comes to cooling sheets, that’s not a problem. We like to reserve Hyperlite for those unbearably sticky nights.


Casaluna 300 Thread Count Temperature Regulating Solid Sheet Set 

Incorporating 37.5 Technology’s thermoregulation particles, Casaluna’s smooth cotton sheets work to capture and release vapor to prevent liquid sweat from forming, and therefore, help you sleep cooler in the summer. But it also works the other way around. These temperature regulating sheets will deliver a comfortable, cozy — but not suffocating — sleep in the winter as well.

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