Geoff Nudelman

Geoff Nudelman is a journalist and copywriter focused on helping brands make the world a better place through compelling copy. Everything he does is purpose-driven, whether that's helping readers make more responsible gear purchases or irresponsibly putting all of his faith in his beloved Portland Timbers. In a prior life, Geoff was the director of a cocktail festival, which means he pretends to know a thing or two about whiskey in addition to his actual areas of expertise. Geoff tries to blend in his various outdoor and active hobbies into his career, and has even convinced himself to start training for his first 50-miler road cycling ride. Geoff is a proud Oregon Duck and will occasionally regale anyone who will listen with stories from college.

In addition to InsideHook, he's currently a contributor at Barron's, AskMen, and several other titles. You can check out more of his work at

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