Sex & Dating | August 6, 2020 10:02 am

Apparently Couples Are Getting “Genital Matchmaking” for Better Sex

Is the "perfect fit" the key to better sex?

Genital matchmaking
The fruits in this stock photo are obviously meant to represent genitals. You get it.
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You and your partner may be a perfect match, but are your genitals? This is the question plastic surgery clinics in the U.K. offering “genital matchmaking” services want you to ask yourself, and if the answer is no, they can help you out with that.

Glancey Medical Associates specializes in helping couples achieve “well-fitting” genitals for better sex, according to the New York Post, via the Daily MailThis, as one might imagine, tends to involve plumping up penises with filler or fat from a patient’s own body, as well as vaginal tightening and surgical labiaplasty.

The idea behind “genital matchmaking” is to create more friction between partners’ genitals by adjusting their respective sizes for a more snug fit, presumably resulting in better sex.

“Couples now are more educated about what makes them enjoy their sex life even more,” said Glancey Medical Associates founder Dr. Lucy Glancey. “And one of the things they seek is that perfect fit, like a glove on your hand or a key in a keyhole.”

Of course, your body, your choice. If you and your partner want to turn your genitals into perfect, surgically perfected puzzle pieces, go for it. But as we’ve discussed, “ideal” genitalia is in the eyes and orifices of the beholder. Only you and your partner can decide what the “perfect fit” is for the two of you. Not to mention, “fit” isn’t everything. Once again, as we’ve discussed, many people with vaginas, no matter how professionally tightened, cannot orgasm from penetration alone, no matter how surgically enhanced their partner’s penetrator may be.

So if you really want to go under the knife to improve your lockdown sex, I’m not in any position to stop you. But might we suggest trying out some vibrators first?


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