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Indonesia Is Literally Burning Sex Toys

Customs officials went full Christmas special villain on hundreds of dildos last week

Architecture & Real Estate

Jimmy Buffett Sold His Palm Beach Home for $6.9 Million

The Mayor of Margaritaville just sold the largest of his three Palm Beach residences


Chopin May Have Had Male Lovers, and Poland Is Mad

Aggressively anti-LGBTQ Poland is not happy with this new info

Sex & Dating

Could This Be the Sexiest Thanksgiving Ever?

COVID having effectively thrown the traditional holiday rule book out the window, there's never been a better time to let your Thanksgiving freak flag fly

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Missing Charles Darwin Notebooks Deemed “Likely Stolen”

Twenty years after they went missing, the notebooks are now presumed victims of theft

Arts & Entertainment

Michael B. Jordan Is Joining OnlyFans

The actor's OnlyFans debut will put his quarantine mustache front and center


I Made Marilyn Monroe’s Sexy Stuffing

The fascination with Marilyn Monroe's stuffing recipe proves everything the starlet touched still turns to sex appeal

Sex & Dating

There Is Now an Online Dating Platform for Bald Guys

Bald Dating wants to help bald guys connect with those who can appreciate a bare-headed man

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Sex Party in Queens Shut Down for Violating Social Distancing Orders

Authorities found 80 people packed into a tiny club Saturday night as the city faces rising COVID-19 rates

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Millennials and Gen Z Are Over the Workplace Romance

The rise of online dating, #MeToo and COVID-19 have all contributed to a decline in office romance