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This Is the Key to Good Anal Sex, According to Researchers

A new study has identified three anal sex techniques that make backdoor play more pleasurable for women

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“Fire Island” Star Joel Kim Booster Has the Most Relatable Threesome Take

The actor's threesome preferences recall some (still solid) advice from "Sex and the City"


Do We Choose Our Friends by…Sniffing Them?

A recent study found that people who like each other tend to smell alike

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Could “Love Drugs” Fix Your Failing Relationship?

Hormone-enhancing pills that could boost your capacity for romance may soon be a reality


The Idyllic New England Getaway You Didn't Know You Needed? It's at Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club.

This Cape Cod gem is the destination for all things relaxation, recreation and coastal charm

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Oh Great, Super Gonorrhea Is a Thing Now

A highly antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea has been identified, which is bad news for pretty much everyone

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“Sleep Divorce” Is Carson Daly’s Key to Marriage Success

The TV host and his wife Siri decided that sleeping in separate bedrooms is "the best thing for all of us"

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How to Find a Third for a Threesome Without Being a Unicorn Hunter

There is a way to find a third without treading into toxic unicorn hunter territory

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Moaning Is Not (Officially) Part of the Female Orgasm, Says Study

What makes the female orgasm the female orgasm? Not moaning.

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First Date Drinks Are Out, Sober Dating Is In (Apparently)

According to Hinge, we're in for a summer of "zero-proof dating"