TikTok’s Ultimate Foreplay Hack Is…Knee Stuff?

The "knee thing" is TikTok's latest viral sex hack

Young man outside holding his bare knee
What them knees do, daddy?
Panuwat Dangsungnoen / EyeEm

From the secret to hitting the G-spot (pressing down on their stomach) to the most dangerous sex position (reverse cowgirl, allegedly), TikTok is home to a vast trove of (often dubious) sex advice. The latest sex hack to take over the platform? Knee stuff, apparently — by which I mean use of a well-placed knee to stimulate the clit.

According to TikTok, “the knee thing” is the must-know foreplay technique for anyone who has a clitoris or has sex with people who do. Most likely taking place during a pre-coital makeout session, the knee thing involves one person positioning their knee between the legs of the receiving partner, then using that knee to stimulate the clit. This is probably a technique most easily executed in a couch- or bed-makeout scenario in which the receiving partner is lying down with the knee-ing partner on top of them, but any position in which you can successfully make and maintain knee-to-crotch contact (gently, of course!) is primed for knee stuff.

In other words, it’s basically just dry-humping someone’s knee, and while it’s certainly nothing new — dry-humping whatever body part you can get your genitals on is what making out was invented for — it’s got TikTok in a frenzy. There are currently more than 127 million views on the platform related to the “knee thing,” with creators sharing their takes and tips on TikTok’s latest sex hack.

While some commenters have pointed out that the knee thing is really nothing new and even harkens back to more innocent days of extended adolescent makeouts, its popularity does come at a time when taking the emphasis off of goal-oriented, strictly penetrative sex is becoming a focal point of sexual discourse. Contrary to dated, sexist and heteronormative conceptions of what does and doesn’t “count” as sex, sex needn’t (and shouldn’t) be defined as just a penis in a vagina (or in any orifice) that results in a (male) orgasm. An inclusive, pleasure-centric concept of sex means “sex” can include all kinds of non-penetrative outercourse involving all kinds of body parts and gender configurations. Sex can be making out, or eating out. Sex can be foreplay. And, in this case, sex can even be a knee in crotch.

Armed with this knowledge, I encourage you to go forth and show us what them knees do.

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