Sorry Haters, Missionary Is Officially the Best Sex Position

A recent study has declared missionary the best position for one very specific reason: orgasm potential

Couple having missionary sex on white sheets
Intimacy, hand-holding and clitoral orgasms? Missionary's got it all, baby.

As someone who thinks doggy style sex is wildly overrated, I’ve always been a big missionary apologist — nay, a missionary advocate. A missionary missionary, even, spreading the Good Word of missionary sex to the damned and doubting. Doing the lord’s work, if you will.

In all seriousness, missionary sex has its benefits. It may not be cool like doggy or anal — it’s not a sex position rappers are generally inclined to brag about in their lyrics — but there’s a reason (many reasons, even) that it’s a go-to. As far as convenience, intimacy and skin-to-skin contact goes, missionary is a home run. And now, according to science, missionary boasts another major advantage over other supposedly hotter sex positions: orgasms — clitoral ones, to be specific.

Researchers at New H. Medical, a private gynecology clinic in New York, determined missionary (with a pillow propped under the hips of the receiving partner) to be the best sex position for clitoral stimulation, and thus orgasm. Per an exclusive Daily Mail report, doctors used an ultrasound scanner to measure blood flow as one test couple had sex in five different positions: cowgirl, lotus (face-to-face and seated), standard missionary, missionary with a pillow underneath and doggy.

According to the scans, face-to-face positions (i.e., not doggy) tended to be best for clitoral blood flow overall, with missionary + pillow coming out on top in terms of orgasm potential. Doggy, meanwhile, came dead last, with researchers noting that “the kneeling /rear entry position produces the least amount of direct clitoral contact, and resulted in a negligible increase in blood flow compared to the face-to-face positions.” (While I do love to see doggy knocked down a peg, it is worth noting that clitoral stimulation during doggy is certainly possible with the addition of a vibrator or other toys.)

As for why the pillow makes all the difference, having the hips propped up allows for more direct clitoral stimulation by way of pelvis-to-pelvis contact. And while your standard bed pillow might do the trick, there are a wide variety of sex pillows and wedges designed specifically for orgasm-enhancing purposes that may take your missionary game to the next level.

Anyway the point is that missionary rocks and doggy sucks. Sorry, it’s just science.

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