Things. Very nice-looking things.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

Kingston Smart Bracelet
Wisewear | From $295

All the tech of a smartwatch-plus-activity tracker … but easier on the eyes. Water resistant with mobile messaging, fitness functions and distress messaging.

Floating Karma Studs
Ada Collection | $4750

You know what’s better than diamond studs? Cruelty-free diamond studs. It’s a guaranteed winner. 

Jewelry Insurance

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

Mother knows best. And in this case, she’d probably tell you that when you buy a woman — her, your wife, etc. — a keepsake worth a small fortune, the next thing you do is find someone willing to insure said keepsake. Let Jewelers Mutual® be that someone. They’ve been protecting jewelry since 1913, and offer comprehensive, worldwide coverage including loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance. It’s the smart thing do. And your mother would approve.

Luxury Watch Subscription
Eleven James | From $149

Unless you want to pony up and buy her a new Rolex every month, this is the next best option.

Sunglasses in Olive Pink Havana Acetate 
Bottega Veneta | $360

Stunning sunnies. No brainer.

Lilith Bamboo Medium Embellished Elaphe Tote
Gucci | $4,500

She has her everyday carry on lock. So get her something special … like a statement piece to dangle off her wing.