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Pro Tip: Women Will Like You More If You Wear a Denim Jacket (Says a Woman)

It's classic, and it doesn't take a whole lot of effort

Pro Tip: Women Will Like You More If You Wear a Denim Jacket (Says a Woman)

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The jean jacket holds many a secrets. 

For one, it’s the most versatile piece of outerwear in your closet. Throw it on, and it’ll immediately upgrade any sweatshirt, turtleneck, or basic tee you own. Second, it’s a jacket you can wear all year round. Lightweight enough for those transitional fall and spring days, and perfect for unexpectedly chilly summer nights out. Plus, when the colder winter days hit, you can line that baby up with sherpa fleece, getting all the good looks of the denim jacket, with the coziness of a literal blanket. And third, every single person on this planet looks good in a jean jacket. 

Do I have the data and scientific proof to back this last one up? No, I have Instagram. As we enter pumpkin-patching, apple-picking, hay-riding season, if they’re not wearing flannels, men, women and children are all sporting jean jackets to their nearest farm and letting all their followers know. This influx of denim had me thinking, regardless of my personal feelings towards these people and their pumpkins, I had to admit they looked great, put together — just stylish. Most notably the men, who I find as a species don’t wear denim jackets nearly as often as they should, so it’s always a nice surprise when they do. 

Why does the jean jacket make everyone look so goddamn attractive? Sure it elevates a look, but at the same time, it exudes almost the opposite. There’s a ruggedness about it. The denim jacket has strong handyman, car mechanic vibes and maybe you don’t know how to change my oil, but I’d love to watch you try. Most importantly, though, it’s casual. You’re not trying too hard when you wear a jean jacket.

And the sheer effortlessness of it all begs the real question, why aren’t you wearing one right now?

J.Crew Classic Denim Jacket

Here is your classic jean jacket, in style, in color and in label. If you can only fit one of these in your closet, make it this one.

Uniqlo Men Denim Jacket

A darker denim jacket with vintage-style stitching and buttons. Primed for fall and fall-related festivities, one-hundred percent.

Tiger of Sweden Jeans Blue Crust Denim Jacket

This denim jacket isn’t like other denim jackets because instead of buttons it has…a zipper. How convenient.

Todd Snyder Japanese Stretch Selvedge Denim Jacket in Stone Wash

Todd Snyder is calling this jacket the “ultimate third layer,” and I have to agree. You could literally wear a pair of sweatpants with this light-washed jacket and I’d probably say you look good.

NEED Denim Jacket in Judd Wash

If you’ve searched high and low for a denim jacket that’s a happy medium between a light and dark wash, look no further.

H&M Denim Jacket

Don’t be afraid to venture away from blue. A black washed denim jacket will have you looking even sharper in those black washed denim jeans.

Naked & Famous Natural Seed Denim Jacket

So you have your light wash denim jacket and your black denim jacket, but what about a white denim jacket? It’s often a neglected color when it comes to outerwear, but it goes with practically with anything and is perfect for the warmer months.

Remi Relief Distressed Denim Jacket

There’s a wide market for vintage denim jackets but finding one that’s just right is no easy task. So the easiest solution is to simply buy a denim jacket that looks like it’s vintage but is brand new. Besides, you can always fib a little and tell others it is.

Levi’s Type 2 Worn Trucker

What’s a list of the best denim jackets without the inclusion of a trucker? Incomplete, that’s what it is. Levi’s has monopolized the denim trucker field and for good reason. Their Type 2 Worn Trucker has a vintage feel to it and, of course, the classic longer silhouette.

A.P.C. x Carhartt WIP Talk Jacket

A.P.C.’s collaboration with Carhartt WIP produced a marriage of two of our favorite kinds of jackets: denim and chore. It’s everything we’ve ever wanted and more.