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These Are the Best Shirt Jackets Every Guy Should Own

We love a good shacket. How about you?

a collage of shirt jackets on a multi-colored patterned background
All hail the shacket, king of versatile outerwear.
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We are firmly of the opinion that the shirt-jacket is among the most useful garments a man can have in his closet, be it during the dead of winter, transitional weeks of fall or temperamental fits of spring. King of the lightweight layers, it’s warm enough to deter a breezy chill, but not so stuffy that you’ll sweat through it if the sun comes out. It’s easy enough to toss on top of a tee, under a jacket, or just rock on its own, and more casual than a knit sweater or travel blazer.

Seeing that we’re currently in a temporal twilight zone — a hodgepodge of below-freezing and fifty-odd-degree weather — the shirt-jacket has once again come to pull it’s weight in our closets. Built for those quick trips to the coffee shop, meeting-heavy office days or frigid mornings when just a parka won’t cut it, it’s the utility layer we’ve found ourselves turning to, time and time again.

As connoisseurs of the layer and generally stylish guys, we’ve gotten our hands on a shitton of shirt-jackets over the years, from the vast expanse of brands that offer some take on the style. range of brands. Everyone from Faherty to Everlane to Aime Leon Dore’s got a version, and we’ve put them through the paces, testing for functionality (durability, cut, and of course, amount of pockets) but with a watchful eye towards aesthetics. Post-considering and reviewing a plethora of styles, we’ve decided on a neat list of our favorites.

They’re all different enough that it doesn’t feel right to compare them against each other — some are decidedly jacket-esque, while others skew falls into the shirt side of things — but we were able to assign a superlative for each of our favorites. One’s easy on the environment, another wins on the coziness front, etc. Peruse our finds, and find the 22 best shirt jackets for men below.

The Best Shirt Jackets for Men in 2023:

Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt

The Softest: Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt

We’re not entirely sure how the softest shirt jacket we tested isn’t 100% cotton. Faherty, one of the best men’s brands in the game right now, actually employed a polyester-viscose-spandex blend that has four-way stretch (a method favored by most activewear brands these days). That means this shirt has a bit more backbone, won’t shrink, and allows for a heightened range of motion than you’d normally find in a flannel button-down. But somehow, this is also just an unconscionably soft shirt. You could wear it over an undershirt, but it feels like a blanket against bare skin.

a plaid blue checked Outerknown Blanket Shirt on a grey background
Outerknown Blanket Shirt

Easiest on Mother Earth: Outerknown Blanket Shirt

From their Bernie-inspired mitten campaign to their 10-year plan for the planet, Outerknown has lead the sustainable brand charge for years, and even better, their products are actually good. The oft-lauded Blanket Shirt is a perfect example of what sustainable clothing practices can look like — and also a perfect example of an excellent shacket. Made from 100% organic cotton, the shirt’s construction uses no harmful chemicals as to be safer for farmers and the environment, and its buttons are sourced from the fallen seeds of the tagua palm, creating an industry that safeguards South American rainforests from deforestation. It’s sturdy, warm and conscious; everything we could ask for in a top.

a grey-tan Everlane Shirt Jacket on a grey background
Everlane Heavyweight Overshirt

The “Shirtiest”: Everlane Heavyweight Overshirt

Shirt jackets often invite debate over nomenclature. Is it too shirty to be called a jacket? Or vice versa? Everlane doesn’t really care. The SF-based masters of basics officially call this piece an “Overshirt,” but acknowledge it could function as an “over-jacket” or “over-sweater,” too. We enjoy wearing this shirt jacket with the buttons up, as it easily pulls off a more formal look, without sacrificing the comfort you’re accustomed to from the softer layering pieces in your closet. The material is an 8 oz. heavy cotton twill (which Everlane notes is twice as heavy as its Japanese Oxford cloth), and the two front pockets give it an extra dose of character. Thanks to Everlane’s accessible pricing, this is also one of the best deals you’ll find on this list.

a navy blue buttoned overshirt from Uniqlo on a grey background
Uniqlo Over Shirt Jacket

The Ultra-Affordable Option: Uniqlo Jersey Over Shirt Jacket

As if it weren’t enough that Uniqlo’s heavy shirt jacket is a mere $60, the fit of the top is bar none on this list. While it’s not the softest, nor coziest, not most breathable, it fits like a damn glove, and with its price tag, you really can’t go wrong.

a shirt jacket on a grey background
Flint and Tinder Waxed Quilted Shirt Jacket

Most Versatile: Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket

Flint and Tinder makes sturdy clothes. There’s no question about it, and in case you needed proof, feast your eyes on the Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket (or their Waxed Trucker Jackets, or 365 Chinos, or…). With a British Millerain waxed canvas shell and 100% recycled {rimaloft insulation, the shirt can easily withstand adverse and windy conditions, but with a seemed quilting and two discrete flap chest pockets, it functions just as well under a duffle coat or parka. Really, the possibilities are endless.

a shirt jacket on a grey background
Corridor Landing Zone CPO Shirt

The Trendiest CPO: Corrdior Landing Zone CPO

A shirt jacket presents a unique opportunity — as a top layer, it’s a perfect focal point for any ‘fit. If you’ve graduated to the elite school of dressing, you’ll surely appreciate the subtle swag of NYC-based Corridor’s sleek CPO; buttery-soft and decked out in intricately woven print, it’s the total package. If you dare to pair this joint with some massive pants and your favorite raglan coat, you’ll surely be the talk of the town (and splattered all over IG).

A red corduroy shirt jacket on a grey background
L.L. Bean Corduroy 1912 Heritage Lined Shirt Jacket
L.L. Bean

The Coziest: L.L. Bean Corduroy 1912 Heritage Lined Shirt Jacket

It’s no surprise that the shacket decked out in corduroy and a fleece lining won most cozy; after all, when it comes to the warmth-comfort combo, the two together just can’t be beat. This is what we like to call a “day in, day out” shirt; that is, we want to wear it, day in and day out. The traditional cut makes it even roomier, and the weight of the whole thing feels like a hug that you get to wear. How’s that for cozy?

a blue overshirt from Tracksmith on a grey background
Tracksmith New England Overshirt

For Entire Days Outside: Tracksmith New England Overshirt

Be they days in the woods, on the trail, at a tailgate … the running gurus at Tracksmith created a top that can do it all. Crafted from a blend of recycled wool, cotton and nylon, the New England Overshirt pays tribute to — and respects the harsh conditions of — bitter East Coast winters with a top that can handle it all, day in and day out. Billed a running layer, the overshirt is full of stretch and quick to dry, harnessing the natural warmth and wicking properties of wool. It certainly helps that, though performance-driven, the layer looks the part of a standard, albeit handsome shacket, meaning you won’t get funky looks when you’re not hitting the pavement.

a model wearing a charcoal Public Rec Shirt Jacket on a grey background
Public Rec Strech Thermal Button Down
Public Rec

Best For Lounging: Public Rec Strech Thermal Button Down

If it were acceptable to swath ourselves in a comforter and wear it outside the confines of our house we would, but alas, society has not progressed to that point yet. Instead, we’ll settle for the next best thing with Public Rec’s Strech Thermal Button Down. Made with a special THERMOLITE CORE technology, the overshirt keeps you nice and snug without a bundle of extra weight, and moves with you thanks to a touch of spandex in the cotton-rayon blend. With a lounge factor this high, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better top for easy mornings and movie nights.

a tan Goretex norse projects shirt jacket on a grey background
Norse Projects Osa GORE-TEX Infinium Overshirt
End. Clothing

Best for Inclimate Weather: Norse Projects Osa GORE-TEX Infinium Overshirt

It’s not every day that your regular old shirt jacket gets decked out in premium weather-resistant GORE-TEX, but Norse Projects has found a way to turn their Osa layer into something of an overshirt-rain jacket hybrid. The mesh lining, press stud closure, utility-inspired flap pocket and magnetic side pocket closures all sweeten the deal.

More Shirt-Jackets We Love:

a model in a navy blue lululemon overshirt on a grey background
Lululemon Gridliner Fleece Overshirt

Lululemon Gridliner Fleece Overshirt

Lululemon’s Fleece Overshirt gets bonus points for its anti-stink gridliner weave, but let’s be honest; we were already going to cop this thing on account of its perfect casual fit.

a brown overshirt from One of These Days on a grey background
One of These Days Hometown Hero Waxed Shirt Jacket
One of These Days

One of These Days Hometown Hero Waxed Shirt Jac

A western-themed workshirt for those modern-day cowboys.

a shirt jacket on a grey background
Universal Works Moleskin Easy Overshirt
End Clothing

Universal Works Moleskin Easy Overshirt

There’s nothing particularly revolutionary about the Universal Works Overshirt: that’s kind of the point. It’s just a handsome staple that’ll look great and wear in even better.

a shirt jacket on a grey background
Patagonia Insulated Midweight Fjord Flannel Shirt

Patagonia Insulated Midweight Fjord Flannel Shirt

While this is technically just a flannel, any insulated later that plays like and overshirt is good in our books, especially one this discounted.

a Cchecked white overshirt from Buck Mason on a grey background
Buck Mason Wool CPO Jacket
Buck Mason

Buck Mason Wool CPO Jacket

This feels like something Ryan Gosling would wear in The Notebook. That’s a good thing, we promise.

A grey overshirt from Carhartt on a grey background
Carhartt Rugged Flex Relaxed Canvas Fleece-Lined Shirt Jacket

Carhartt Rugged Flex Relaxed Canvas Fleece-Lined Shirt Jac

Is it really blue-collar stolen valor to wear a Carhartt Shirt Jac? After all, you worked hard to find that Matcha Latte.

a shirt jacket on a grey background
Filson Seatle Wool Jac-Shirt

Filson Seattle Wool Jac-Shirt

Good for hunting, better for stuntin’.

a Percival Check Overshirt on a grey background
Percival Check Overshirt

Percival Check Overshirt

If you’re in the market for a shirt-jacket that doubles as a full-on blanket, then you’ve come to the right place.

a red overshirt from Alex Mill on a grey background
Alex Mill Easy Shirt
Alex Mill

Alex Mill Easy Shirt

Easy there, Paul Bunyan.

a shirt jacket on a grey background
General Admission Nepped Plaid Overshirt
End Clothing

General Admission Nepped Plaid Overshirt

General Admission is the coolest brand you probably don’t know yet.

a brown wool checked overshirt from Todd Snyder on a grey background
Todd Snyder Wool Plaid Knit Shirt Jacket
Todd Snyder

Todd Synder Wool Plaid Knit Shirt Jacket

Todd’s Knit Shirt Jacket is decidedly a heavy overshirt, that won’t stop us from drooling over its fine wool marl and gorgeous patterning.

a puffed insulated Topo Designs overshirt on a grey background
Topo Designs Insulated Shirt Jacket
Topo Designs

Topo Designs Insulated Shirt Jacket

Topo Designs really said, “screw it, puffer shirt.”