Donald Glover Just Pulled off the Holy Trinity of Overcoats

One Donald, three killer coats

January 19, 2024 11:52 am
Donald Glover collage
Donald Glover has done the impossible: three huge coats in one press tour.
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Donald Glover is no stranger to success. The actor-musician-director’s prolific output —ranging from Emmy-winning Atlanta to a controversial Ojai-based production company to #1 singles under Glover’s Childish Gambino moniker — should be studied in whatever star-generating lab they created Jacob Elordi in.

Elegant, Effortless, Murse-Forward: The Jacob Elordi Style Bible
Disclaimer: this article will not make you 6’5″. Or give you a killer mullet.

And, as it turns out, Glover doesn’t just have content gold in his back pocket. Jetsetting around for the upcoming assassin rom-com Mr. & Mrs. Smith press tour, Glover has been clocked in both SoHo and abroad over the past odd month, showcasing a slightly different kind of range than he usually does. That is to say: Donny’s been getting his ‘fits off.

Donald Glover coats
Donald Glover’s 48 hours of outwear heaven included a Loewe runway look and tasty tweed raglan.
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The star has been spotted in (count ’em!) not one, but three grail-level overcoats in recent weeks, each more drapey and luxe than the last. The beauty of Glover’s trifecta not only lies in the swanky jackets themselves — they span a heads-ain’t-got-these $1,100 Acne Studios joint to a professorial tweed Ted Baker number to a double-breasted Loewe topcoat so nice we nearly forgot about the pastel pink Zegna cardigan it was layered over — but the consistentcy of Glover’s swag-coded styling.

Glover’s recent sartorial run of form has been dubbed by certain men’s lifestyle publications as eclectic grandpa-core, but we’re inclined to disagree with that assessment. While D-dog’s vibe is certainly relaxed, the coalition of killer coats and sharp staples — there are tailored dress pants and crispy white sneakers to keep the ensembles moving — read more art gallerist dad than geriatric to us. Come on, just look at those chunky frames, the not-too-manicured mustache. Glover’s even rocking the stroller in one of the papped photos. Checkmate, GQ.

Still, the point remains: you should really be investing in an overcoat. Even if you can’t pull off acid green leather. We’ve dropped a few of our favorites from spicy menswear labels The Row and Stoffa, for you to peruse (and, let’s be honest, blow the paycheck on) below. Grab one if you want to see your style game skyrocket. Or three.

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