Style | June 1, 2022 12:52 pm

The Best Places to Buy Designer Menswear Online

Interested in leveling up? Here's where to shop.

a model shot of men in a designer clothing from Mytheresa

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When it comes to copping designer clothing, buying online can feel like a gargantuan task. There’s no denying the ballooning interest in the likes of designer labels like Off-White or Balenciaga, thanks in part to expanded visibility and a truncated barrier to entry that platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Poshmark provide, but with this increased appetite for high-end apparel, there’s also as been an influx of queries surrounding the how, what and where of digital designer acquisitions.

For those just testing the waters of high-end apparel, it’s difficult to know where to start. Even for a seasoned shopper, the uncertainty of spending big bucks on an unseen, untouched, and most importantly, un-tried-on purchase might feel like a too great a risk.

Not to worry: InsideHook is here to assist you on your path to elevated enlightenment. As veteran shoppers ourselves, we’re happy to report that there are a ton of great (and safe) options for snagging rare, coveted and otherwise banging clothes online. From timeless tentpoles like Mr. Porter to second-hand sellers on Grailed, buying designer online has never been easier, faster or more affordable (you win this one, world wide web).

Below, we’ve illuminated nine trustworthy places to snag name-brand gear. Some have impeccably curated selections, others wild discounts, and most feature quality return programs, superstar customer service and a host of other features to make your shopping experience all about what really matters; dressing to impress.


There are few places better than SSENSE for snagging the hottest designers and exclusive styles. It’s the reason the Montreal-headquartered retailer has become synonymous with esoteric high fashion in the past years, and why their retail platform is hailed as one of the premier shopping experiences, whether you’re just dipping your toe into designer or are a full-on couture convert. Plus, their bi-annual sales (the first of which is going on right now) are hands-down your best chance to grab deeply discounted designer.


Since launching its e-commerce operation in 2006, German retailer Mytheresa has grown into one of the premier digital shopping experiences, due in large part to its impeccable taste, curated shops and savvy selection of international designers. Boasting over 200 unique vendors, includin Dries Van Noten, Burberry and Acne Studios, Mytheresa has virtually everything the elite dresser could need, and their oft-updated weekly arrivals are bar none.

End. Clothing

If you dabble in the streetwear-adjacent side of fashion (or are interested in testing the hypebeast waters), U.K.-based End. Clothing is the place for you. Revolving around a selection of hand-picked streetwear labels — Off-White, Balenciaga and Fear of God immediately snap to mind — they also have a firmly planted foot in the sneaker space, with a raffle system and frequent drops of the red-hot releases.

Mr. Porter

If your designer interest skews tailoring over tennis shoes, Mr. Porter knows a thing or two about the finer things in life. The U.K.-based retails have a handsome operation in place, with offerings from the likes of Loro Piana and Brunello Cuccinelli, and even make their own Mr P. line of (excellent) essentials.


Farfetch functions much like an actual marketplace, connecting consumers, vendors and curators into a self-contained ecosystem of designer-focused goodness. Boasting a ridiculous 1,400 brands across 50 countries, the platform allows for an incredibly extensive shopping experience.


Carrying a variety of well know houses and lines but with a strong brick-and-mortar presence for easy returns and in-store try-ons, they’re a great starting place for anyone interested in upgrading their wardrobe.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Perhaps the most recognizable name on this list for U.S.-based folk, Saks Fifth Avenue has been dealing designer for nearly a century. While they’re not the trendiest name on this list, they remain a reliable option for anyone looking for a name they’re sure they can trust.


No one said your designer cops have to be brand new. Online marketplace Grailed is one of the best places to pick up rare, exclusive or otherwise luxury finds without a hefty price tag, with options to bid, haggle and chat with other apparel enthusiasts via the platform. While it requires a bit more patience and dedication than your traditional retailer experience, buyer protections and a host of super-sellers mean you can often find what you want at a reasonable price.