Gear | August 5, 2020 10:31 am

Deal: These Seriously Indestructible Travel Bags Are 40% Off

And they ain't too bad to look at, either.

Deal: These Seriously Indestructible Travel Bags Are 40% Off
Baboon to the Moon

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A few months ago we reviewed Baboon to the Moon’s Go-Bag and Go-Backpack and were thoroughly surprised. The brand’s versatile and technical travel bags are crafted from high-grade materials that’ll “get you to the moon and back.” We found them to be incredibly durable, great for over-packing and not too hard on the eyes. And right now the brand is hosting a sample sale, where you can grab your very own indestructible travel bag for 40% off.

While the brand’s larger Go-Bag is sold out, you can still snag the smaller 40L Go-Bag that has at least a 3-day packing volume, making it perfect for weekend getaways. You’ll also find deals on the Backpack, Gym Duffel, Go-Tote and the Packing Cube Set, which is great for keeping clothes organized.

Go-Bag — Small (40L) Generation 1

Backpack (22L) Generation 1

Gym Duffle (32L) Generation 1

Go-Tote – Mega (39L) Generation 1

Packing Cube Set