Arts & Entertainment | April 28, 2017 9:00 am

These Twins Paint Your Face. And Then Sit on It (the Painting).

No one knows what it means. But it's provocative.

By The Editors

If you’re bold enough to type #SitOnMyFace into your search bar and then hit the return key, you’re going to end up in some weird corners of the internet.

One of those NSFW places: the website of the Kaplan Twins, identical twin artists Allie and Lexi who chose the hashtag as the name for their latest endeavor.

First things first: Yes, they will sit on your face. They’ll even paint their buttocks with vibrant hues before doing so. And it’ll only cost you a cool $750. The caveat? They’ll be planting their posteriors on a painting of your face. Call it an over-the-fireplace portrait for the Snapchat era.

#SitOnMyFace (2 images)

All you have to do is submit a photo of yourself. Allie and Lexi will then draw your likeness before each of them stamp a cheeky signature on top and send it your way. You can also email them a picture of a relative, friend, coworker or pet (Mother’s Day is coming up fast, fellas). The precursor to this was a series called #SatOnYourFace, in which they took a load off on portraits of eight famous artists, from Pablo Picasso to Jeff Koons to Andy Warhol.

SatOnMyFace (4 images)

Each of those one-of-a-kind paintings sold for $1,000. With that in mind, getting your own face for $250 less seems like a steal.

Before they moved on to custom artworks, they revived the series to mark Donald Trump’s inauguration. You can still buy one of those, and we’re confident the Donald would love one as a present for his first 100 days.

While this may all seem a little, uh, asinine, it’s tame compared to the work the 23-year-old twins have cooked up since receiving BFAs from NYU. Their first headline grabbing pieces were oil paintings of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, one of which is currently hanging at PornHub’s headquarters (the Kaplans included the website’s watermark, after all).

What’ll they come up with next? Anyone got a haunch — I mean, hunch?