If You’re Gonna Live in a Treehouse, Opt for One Like This

A Texas live/workspace that'll put your home office to shame

One Day This Baby Treehouse Might Be as Tall as Its Papa

A handsome bare-bones cabin, built barn-raising style

Put a Rooftop Camper on Stilts and You Get SkyCamp

Tepui just made a penthouse for the out of doors

A Treehouse Hotel Grows in Panama

Hope you got a boat ... because that's the only way in

The World’s First Ski-in/Ski-out Treehouses Have Arrived

They opened just in time for, uh, mountain-biking season?

You Owe It to Yourself to Schvitz in a Treetop Sauna

We're 99% sure this isn’t some weird Brothers Grimm stuff

Here’s One British Couple’s Ingenious Solution to a Tree-Removal Ban

When life gives you nosy bureaucrats, make treehouses

This Treehouse Is Probably Nicer Than Where You Live

Do you have a sauna, hot tub and pizza oven? In a tree?

No, It’s Not an Ewok House. But It’s Pretty Damn Close.

Belgium’s Dom’Up is taking treehouses to a whole new level

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