No, It’s Not an Ewok House. But It’s Pretty Damn Close.

Belgium’s Dom’Up is taking treehouses to a whole new level

June 14, 2016 9:00 am

Say what you will about Ewoks — those teddy-bear-looking motherlovers could build a treehouse.

Unfortunately, due to the constraints of space-time and reality, you will never live in one. But thanks to a Dutch arborist and a Belgian design firm, we now have the next-best thing.

Designed by Bruno de Grunne and Trees and People, the Dom’Up is a lightweight  treehouse/cabin/tent that can be suspended between two trees using a zero-impact arboreal fixing system that leaves no trace behind. The Dom’Up’s 172-square foot octagonal platform is made from wood, surrounded by UV-resistant canvas walls, covered by a waterproof tarp and supported by a galvanized steel frame.

The shelter can be built in two days and easily opens to display a terrace area for sleeping under the stars. “The idea is to use the inner space of the forest, between the trees, rather than the inner space of a single tree, which is full of branches and obstacles,” de Grunne says.

The suspended shelters last for years and are priced slightly north of $28k (excluding installation).

They also ship almost anywhere. Just not to Endor.

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