Designer Creates Bicycle-Friendly Portable Treehouse

Get ready for the Trunk Bunk

Trunk Bunk, a portable treehouse in the woods
The best way to camp? A portable treehouse.
Harry K. Wein/Instagram

Each year, plenty of avid cyclists hop on their bicycles and head into nature to engage in some car-free camping. With the advent of cargo trailers for bikes, this is a lot easier than you might expect — and if you’ve ever wanted to test out the “mountain” part of your mountain bike, it’s an ideal scenario in which to do so. But if you’re a camper who’d prefer to do their sleeping off the ground, things get a little more complicated.

At least, that’s been the case historically. But designer Henry K. Wein has figured out an ingenious solution to this dilemma: a portable treehouse suitable for camping that can be towed behind a bicycle. He’s calling it the Trunk Bunk.

As Dezeen’s Amy Frearson writes, Wein created the Trunk Bunk during his time studying at Design Academy Eindhoven. In an interview with Frearson, Wein emphasized the treehouse’s intended purpose of finding balance with a camper’s location. “It is about reconnecting with the environment around us and taking time to reflect,” Wein told the publication.

In a video on his Instagram account, Wein provided more details about the treehouse project’s connection to potential campsites. “[T]he close experience with the environment allows you to reconnect, whilst enjoying the comforts of your tiny portable tree-house,” he wrote. And there’s a certain elegance to the way in which the Trunk Bunk utilizes space — effectively, it’s a trailer that can be reshaped into a treehouse in a few easy steps.

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There are plenty of reasons to want to camp off the ground when traveling in nature — including avoiding bugs and other nocturnal creatures. Wein’s portable treehouse prototype design looks like a fascinating expansion of what’s possible — and if it becomes commercially available, it might prompt more campers to embrace the elevated life.


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