The 7 Best Treehouses Listed on Airbnb

From Oregon to Georgia, and everywhere in between

September 6, 2019 5:23 am
The Best Treehouses on Airbnb

Airbnb loves rolling out new ideas. Since its inception, it’s introduced Airbnb Plus, Airbnb Luxe, Airbnb Experiences, Airbnb Adventures, and even Airbnb Restaurants. Yes, that exists.

But before Airbnb padded out its site with all these newfangled offerings, and long before it had to worry about city council wars or gamely competition, the service’s charm came from its sheer randomness. Airbnb gave the world’s homeowners an opportunity to showcase their dwellings, and predictably, the world’s homeowners responded with a ton of crazy sh*t.

These days, Airbnb has filters for bizarre stays all over the world, from lighthouses to RVs to igloos, but we’ve always had a soft spot for some of the site’s best OG “viral fodder” — the treehouses. These are not your dad’s 20 planks and a bucket of nails treehouses. In fact, many of these aren’t treehouses at all. They’re more like treetop cabins; some come with rope bridges straight out of that woodland planet the Ewoks lived on, others look like they co-opted a Four Seasons interior designer.

All, though, are far away from noise, in areas where service is limited and the stars are big. You should definitely make the trek to to one in the next few months, and we’ve taken the liberty of assembling seven of the most chin-on-the-floor spectacular across the States.

Little Red Treehouse
Lyons, Colorado

Treefrog Tower
Nags Head, North Carolina

The Bluebird House
Gold Beach, Oregon

Sulfur Ridge
Bloomington Springs, Tennessee

Intown Treehouse
Atlanta, Georgia

Willow Treehouse
Spring Valley, New York

The Birdhouse
Glen Rose, Texas


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