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What Happens When a Child Accidentally Eats a Cannabis Edible?

Some have seizures, some need to sleep it off. Here's what you need to know.


Shirt-Jacket Season Is Almost Upon Us Once Again — If It Ever Even Left

Shackets, CPOs, Jac-shirts ... by any name, they are the best

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How "Intuitive Eating" Could Help You Accomplish Your Health Goals

Stop following inane and impersonal fad diets. They don't care about you.

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Study: Active People Are 50% Less Likely to Develop Anxiety Than Their Peers

According to a new Swedish study, consistent cardio is your best bet against a clinical diagnosis

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Could Sitting in Salt Caves Once a Week Be the Key to a Longer Life?

We recently tested out halotherapy at a revamped spa in SoHo


Doctors Publish Open Letter Condemning Joe Rogan's "Devastating" Impact on Public Health

Medical professionals are sick of Spotify allowing the podcaster to spread misinformation unchecked

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Is Running Backwards the Secret to Reclaiming the Knees of Your Youth?

Forget how goofy it looks. "Retro-running" burns calories, challenges the brain and cleans up creaky legs.

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According to Dietitians, This Is the Year to Replace Sugar With Honey

The ancient ingredient is 25% sweeter than sugar and has a variety of antioxidants and minerals

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The Cold-Weather Running Gear We Turn to Every Single Day

These eight garments consistently see me through winter's crankiest afternoons


The Yankees Just Hired the First Female Manager in Minor League History

Rachel Balkovec has a more impressive resume than the majority of her male counterparts

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Troy Aikman’s New Year’s Resolution Is to Drink as Much Water as Tom Brady

It's customary for Super Bowl MVPs to drink two gallons of water a day, apparently