Here’s One British Couple’s Ingenious Solution to a Tree-Removal Ban

When life gives you nosy bureaucrats, make treehouses

By The Editors
October 14, 2016 9:00 am

When Jon Martin and Noreen Jaafar bought the lot in rural England, they bought the trees, too.

And they couldn’t cut them down, said the town of Dursley.

That was fine by the couple — they quite fancied the trees. So they hired architecture firm Millard Howard Workshop to design a treehouse that conformed to the property’s natural environs.

Built on steel beams, the 2,150-square-foot passive house is as high as the pines surrounding it and overlooks the countryside with wide, horizontal windows and expansive porches. Its stunning wood exterior blends with the surrounding canopy, and a series of balconies and walkways convey the residents in and out of the home without disturbing the flora.

Not a bad place to kick your feet up while the leaves change.

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