Sleep Above the Trees in These Reverse-Pyramid Open-Air Beach Houses

*Tarzan yell*

April 17, 2017 9:00 am

There are no cars, chain restaurants, big-name hotels or souvenir shops in Yelapa in Mexico.

However, along with a sandy beach complete with on-demand pie deliveries courtesy of a hyperlocal legend, you’ll find stunning reverse pyramid treehouses — and you can stay in ‘em.

Constructed by the husband-and-wife architecture team of Heinz Legler and Veronique Lievre for the Verana Hotel, the V House is a five-room structure that sits 16 feet above the ground. Measuring 16’ by 16’, the rooms in the V House are made of steel, plywood, and red corrugated iron and all feature windowless open walls that offer unparalleled panoramic views on all sides.

Assembled offsite and shipped to the remote hotel via a 30-minute boat ride, the modular units were originally built for staff but drew so much interest the Verana started renting them.

V House (5 images)

The “handmade” hotel — which features a number of other boutique offerings — “began with machetes” and was “meant to be just one house” but has kept growing “unplanned” instead.  

If you’d like to plan a visit to stay in the Verana’s V House, it includes a master bedroom with a king bed and two guest rooms with a pair of queens. Rates start at $280 and vary by season.

Get in touch with the Verana here. Now about those beachside pie deliveries …


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