Instructions for the World’s Coolest Treehouse

Your childhood dreams, built for you

By The Editors
June 12, 2015 9:00 am

Foster Huntington lives the life you secretly want.

He quit a high-stress job in New York to travel the country, live out of a van, surf and get insanely popular on Instagram (type in #VanLife, you’ll see).

Then, he decided to settle down.

In a treehouse.

To clarify: a tree mansion. Hot tub included.

That’s the true story of The Cinder Cone Build Book, a beautiful chronicle of one man’s childhood dream come to life, taking orders now.

Huntington’s book is, in his words, part instruction manual, part photobook and part ode to tiny homes.

And for those skeptical about the ethos, the book provides answers.

It turns out quitting your job and building your childhood dream house is hard work.

Thousands of hours, actually. And all the hard work and sweat is beautifully captured here on film, from rough start to hardwood finish. In full color and printed on matte art paper.

So, use the book for inspiration, pouring over early treehouse sketches and step-by-step instructions.

Or just admire Huntington’s treehouse amenities. Like the aforementioned wood-burning hot tub. And the wooden staircase that leads to a skate bowl.

Kids these days, right?


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