Rain Makers

By The Editors
February 21, 2013 9:00 am

Heard of The Swiss Family Robinson?

This is The Swiss Family Rainforest. With ziplines.

Welcome to your new, secluded retreat in the sky: the arboreal paradise Finca Bellavista, taking reservations now.

Finca is a private treehouse resort perched far off the beaten path on 600 nearly untouched acres along Costa Rica’s south Pacific coast.

Here, you’ll stay 100 feet up in the air in one- and two-story, fully modernized treehouses, replete with verandas, king-size beds, electricity, hot water and skylights.

Waterfalls. 360 degree views. Two whitewater rivers.

And since your cottage is smack dab in the midst of the area’s vibrant wildlife, you’re literally living among monkeys, frogs and over 850 species of bird.

A series of Ewok-like suspension bridges run between the cottages, not to mention ziplines.

Designed to appeal to anyone from “a bird watcher to an adrenaline junky,” Finca also offers kayaking, swimming, yoga retreats, year-round surfing and nature hikes led by “Chico, your local guide.”

Perched high up, it’s a chance to finally see the forest from the trees.

Zipline photo by Bryan Beasley

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