Put a Rooftop Camper on Stilts and You Get SkyCamp

Tepui just made a penthouse for the out of doors

September 28, 2017 9:00 am

Since the dawn of time, the arbor domus equation has stated: 1 tree + 1 house = 1 treehouse.

Now courtesy of Santa Cruz-based Tepui, that equation has essentially been cut in half.

A veritable treehouse that requires no tree for set up, the Tepui SkyCamp is a semi-permanent camping structure with a rooftop tent on the top and a built-in picnic table on the bottom. Made from quality materials that can stand up to year-round weather, the shelters in the SkyCamp line are designed to be durable as well as semi-portable.

Skycamp (3 images)

In a perfect world, the turnkey SkyCamp will be used at ski resorts, campgrounds and summer camps, and in a not-so-perfect world Tepui’s new creation will work just fine as an alternative to sleeping on the couch during tough times at the old homestead.

“While our focus is rooftop tents, we recognize the appeal of having an elevated sleep structure for uses beyond car camping,” said Tepui founder Evan Currid. “We see the SkyCamp as a way for our customers to cultivate community for experiential camping in the comfort of a Tepui tent.”

Starting at $2,650, four different models in the SkyCamp series are available for purchase here.

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