Trees Lounge

By The Editors
March 12, 2014 9:00 am

Hate to tell you, but your childhood treehouse was lacking.

Four walls, a roof, hidden trove of tattered Playboys.

Not bad. But adult you thinks: could have used a spa. Maybe some high thread-count sheets. A 250,000-acre biological reserve just a canopy-walk away.

Like, say, the treehouses at the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve in Patagonia, taking reservations now.

Huilo’s architecture looks to surrealist interpretations of the natural world. Think rippling, mushroom-shaped lodges, giant hotel rooms perched above the treetops and river’s-edge apartments with private yacht docks.

Huilo Huilo

Surrounding your arboreal abode: 120-foot waterfalls formed by volcanic eruptions. And possibly the most biodiverse rainforest on the continent.

Huilo Huilo

Among the other attractions:

  • A glacial ski center with year-round snow, only accessible by snow mobile.
  • A 26-kilometer sailing trip across Pirihueco Lake, with plenty of time to incubate in the lake’s natural thermal baths.
  • An on-site craft brewery, serving four only-in-Huilo ales made from naturally filtered spring water.

Plus, there’s hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking and kayaking.

Huilo Huilo also just began offering year-round livable properties on the reserve itself.

You know, to get away from it all.


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