Tackle the Caribbean’s Longest Trail with a Treehouse Villa as Your Base Camp

That rain shower's going to feel some kinda wonderful

March 13, 2019 9:00 am

And the award for the Caribbean’s most geothermally active island goes to … Dominica. For the millionth year in a row. 

The equator’s Iceland equivalent is a stirring pot of swimming holes, mountaintop lakes, volcanoes both active and exctint, and cliffside rainforests. It’s also home to the Caribbean’s longest through-hike — the 115-mile-long Waitukubuli National Trail, which opened in 2013, took a beating during Hurricane Maria, and recently reopened following restoration efforts.

Also just opened: Ti-Fey Villa, a new, gleaming treehouse bungalow at Secret Bay, which brings the award-winning boutique’s number of villas up to six.  

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Waitikubuli stretches from Cabrits National Park, on the north coast of the island, to Scotts Head on the south coast. Along the way, hikers will encounter waterfalls (Emerald Pool looks otherwordly), dozens of endemic creatures (Dominica is a bit of a birder’s paradise, with an estimated 188 species of birds) … and lots of trees. 60% of the island is covered in forest. GoogleMaps estimates the hike at 15 hours long, but that’s not accounting for distractions in the form of old French settlements or exploring crater lakes and calderas. 

Besides, you don’t actually have to hike Waitikubuli. We certainly won’t hold you to it. Just stay at Ti-Fey and sample portions of the trails each day, essentially using the villa as a luxury base camp. Hike in the morning, then come back in the afternoon to lick your wounds in the cantilevered outdoor rain shower, or in the private pool. The fixings here are top-notch, and sustainably sourced. The deck and quarters are built from Guyanese Greenheart wood, while the interior offers a spacious kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. If you somehow manage to get bored, there’s high-speed internet and “a wide selection of board games.” Have fun. 

For more information on booking your stay, head here

All images via Secret Bay


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