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Biker style for the streets of NYC

  • 18 February 2014

A brief history of the leather motorcycle jacket:

Schott 1928. Brando ‘53. McQueen ‘63. Ramones ‘74. Skip the ‘80s. Theroux. Beckham. Fassbender.

The style is iconic and timeless. It’s not going anywhere. Bearing witness: two just-opened local shops (with online ordering) you should visit posthaste.

Deth Killers of Bushwick is a tight-knit crew of friendly biker misfits out of Brooklyn who started augmenting their club’s coffers by slingin’ apparel back in 2002.

Boasting high-profile fans like Theroux and celebrated NYC tattooist/artist Scott Campbell, they took a mysterious hiatus and are just now returning with a pop-up on the Bowery.

Look for their much sought-after smartass tees (we’re personal fans of the “pussy avalanche” number) as well as their signature Kevlar-blend asphalt-resistant denim. And of course the custom-built wheelie machine.

Meanwhile, the fellas at Williamsburg's Jane Motorcycles are building custom rigs alongside racks of heritage staples like Woolrich buffalo check flannels and black cowhide from Lewis Leathers, who’ve been making motorcycle jackets since motorcycles were invented.

Plus they make a mean cuppa joe.

Gotta stay alert out on the road, after all.

The Specifics

Deth Killers of Bushwick
348 Bowery
at Great Jones

Jane Motorcycles
161 Grand St.
b/t Bedford and Berry

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