Quality Cashmere Sweaters for $60, Right This Way

Stock up on softness

By Tanner Garrity

Quality Cashmere Sweaters for $60, Right This Way
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11 January 2019

InsideHook's house stance on Uniqlo? Bullish. 

To the point that I was wholly unsurprised when our Creative Director burst into the newswroom last night, dram in hand, announcing jauntily that the Japanese essentials emporium had marked their cashmere sweaters down to just $60

uniqlo (4 images)

To those unmoved, or unimpressed — "Isn't Uniqlo supposed to be cheap?" — know that these sweaters are 100% cashmere. No lesser-wool or cotton interlays. And they're usually sold for $90 a pop. Our Creative Director, Editor-in-Chief and Director of Partnerships have sung Uniqlo's praises for so long (dependable jeans, all-day joggers) that I recently took the plunge, picking up a few corduroy button-downs. They're fantastic, the hype is as real as the prices are low, and I will be back on the site Adding to Cart soon. 

So we suggest stocking up on some soft cashmere sweaters quick. Before the InsideHook office runs 'em out of stock. 


All images via Uniqlo
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