The Only Bag You Need to Pack This Fall

The Tech Dopp Kit: Now a thing

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The Only Bag You Need to Pack This Fall
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14 September 2015

They say good travelers can fit everything they need into a single carry-on.

A traveler one better can fit it all in a toiletry bag.

It’s called the Tech Dopp Kit, and it’s available right now from This Is Ground.

Look, we’re already big fans of This Is Ground: crafters of handsome, made-in-the-USA goods that serve a practical purpose for the 21st century traveler: cord organizers (including a cord “taco”), iPad casesphone wallets, etc.

All stocked with hidden pockets and modular inserts, wrapped in sumptuous leather.

The Dopp Kit is a zip-up organizer for your traveling tech needs, inspired by both classic grooming kits and, no joke, bento boxes.

Dopp Kit

This is organizational heaven. On each side you can strap down 5-6 cords or a set of headphones. Smaller items, like batteries or adapters, are a good fit for the internal zipped pouch.

Like most of TIG’s items, it’s really up to you what goes where.

The kit comes in two sizes (regular or “grande”) and three colors (whiskey, charcoal or “French Grey”).

But everything’s right where you need it.

No matter the case.

The Specifics

This is Ground

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