Meet LeDaveed, the Patagonia of Luxury Leather Bags

Their claim? ‘The world’s most thoughtful bags.’

By Kirk Miller

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03 July 2018

As you travel this week, you may ask yourself (with a hat tip to the Talking Heads), “How did I get here?”

Answer: handsomely and responsibly, if you packed your wares in a fine leather duffel from LeDaveed.

Just launched, this Toronto-based luxury bag maker wants to imbue your global travels with high style and make the world a better place while doing it. And they mean it: the company’s motto is literally “The world’s most thoughtful bags.”


Designed in part by a style vet from Marc Jacobs and ALDO, this eco-conscious, direct-to-consumer brand utilizes a proprietary leather called Nixburg Bullskin that’s waterproof, lightweight and soft (fun fact: it was also designed by a fourth-generation tannery in Germany that Adidas used when they launched their three-stripe design).

Producing this leather uses 80% less water and energy than regular leathers, as it’s sourced as a byproduct from local farms. The company is also carbon-neutral, with the energy used in the leather production offset by a reforestation project in Uganda.

They’re also a Certified B Corporation: a progressive standard unheard of in luxury bags, though common with decidedly forward-thinking companies like Patagonia.


As for quality in carriage? They’re damn good looking and boast some nice details: Swiss-made, hand-finished and featuring highly durable Riri zippers. The rich twill linings are crafted from recycled water bottles and organic cotton; the clips and snaps come from ABC Morini in Tuscany. And everything is hand-assembled by Rayata Accessories, one of the few remaining luxury bag factories in North America.


The four bags at launch:

The Travel Duffle: Available in black, wood or chestnut, this carry-on can pack nearly a week’s worth of wares (and still protect your laptop via a padded compartment)

The Travel Pouch: Your go-to storage for cash, phones, passports and chargers.

The Slim Briefcase: The two-way zipper slides down the bag’s perimeter, allowing you easy access. It also attaches to your luggage and features a foam-padded shoulder strap.

The Everyday Tote: A woman’s bag with a top zipper that separates and folds down for easier access, as well as a padded laptop compartment and additional storage pockets.

The bags are available now for $145-$625, and include free shipping and a 30-day return policy.

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