My Man, It’s Time You Put on Some Yoga Duds

KOZM: Cool, clean, ethical fabrics for getting limber

February 13, 2018 9:00 am

Maybe you are the type of man who can touch his toes on command.

Maybe you can only make it as far as the last beer at the bottom of the cooler.

Regardless, you’ll be more comfortable doing it in KOZM, a new line of yogi-approved duds from Troy Eckert, a former Volcom staffer.

Like most surfers, he swears by yoga because it enhances balance by increasing your core strength. Surfers tend to be big conservationists, too, and you can see evidence of that in KOZM’s consummately ethical business practices.

Nearly 200 million tons of toxic dye make their way to our rivers and streams each year, so they partner with Recover Textiles to use upcycled materials like recycled water bottles and old towels for their duds. And they depend on local labor (they’re based in Carlsbad) because they want to treat people well and keep a close eye on quality standards.  

Head to their shop for Downy-soft tees, shorts, hoodies, pants and beanies.

Warning: once you put on their Warrior Yoga Short, there is a distinct chance they may never come off.

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