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This Is the City That Dropped the Most Money on Sex Toys in Lockdown

America's horniest city is in Jersey

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Sex toy sales are on the rise in New Jersey.
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Sexiness can be many things to many people, so when sexual wellness company Lovehoney announced “America’s Sexiest City” per their latest survey on sexual happiness in the US, it wasn’t immediately apparent what that meant.

Turns out what it means is that the good people of Elizabeth, New Jersey have been dropping a lot of cash on sex toys during lockdown. According to the survey results, folks in Elizabeth have seen a 500 percent increase in sexual wellness purchases including sex toys and accessories since before lockdown began. The most popular item for horny quarantiners in Elizabeth? Realistic dildos, apparently.

Providence, Rhode Island took the second place slot, where residents spent 482 percent more on sexy products than they did pre-quarantine. There, the toy of choice was the non-vibrating butt plug. Classic.

In fact, while Elizabeth, NJ took the crown for sexiest city, it turns out Rhode Island, against all odds, is the horniest state overall, with sex toy purchases up 344 percent statewide.

Overall, the East Coast seems to be leading the country in sexual pleasure, or at least sex toy purchases. For all New England’s residual puritanism, several other eastern states, including Massachusetts, Maine and Pennsylvania made the top of the list. However, Morena Valley, California put the West Coast on the map as the third sexiest city behind Elizabeth and Providence, with a 452 percent increase in sex toy sales.

When you think of sexy cities, you probably think of flashy destinations like New York, L.A., and Las Vegas. But as it turns out, kinky behavior may be much more common in more unsuspecting cities. Locations like Ypsilanti, Michigan; Yonkers, New York; Columbus, Georgia; Killeen, Texas; Orange, California; Des Moines, Iowa and Vista, California round out the top ten of Lovehoney’s sexiest cities, while NYC was actually among the least sexy.

To those of you who live in sexy cities, please enjoy your realistic dildos and non-vibrating butt plugs. And for those of you in unsexy cities, it’s time to start pulling your weight. Go ahead, buy the cock ring.

You can check your own city’s ranking by visiting Lovehoney’s US sex map.


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