Sex & Dating | April 22, 2020 12:25 pm

Searches for Homemade Sex Toys Are Up During Lockdown

One man's trash is another man's DIY sex toy

Homemade sex toys
Apparently sex ed was good for something after all.
freie-kreation/Getty Images

In the wake of unprecedented levels of quarantine horniness, sex toy sales have predictably been on the rise. But in these times of economic uncertainty (and/or inevitable financial ruin, depending on how you want to look at that glass), not everyone has the means to shell out some of their stimulus check for a brand new sex toy.

But are we going to let that stop us from diddling ourselves with inanimate objects? Apparently not! Online marketplace OnBuy has reported a significant spike in Google searches for homemade sex toys over the past month as the sexless and quarantined turn to the internet for tips on how to fashion their own DIY instruments of self-pleasure.

Is this a good idea? Experts are divided, with gynecologist Dr. Shree Datta warning amateur sex toy makers of risks including infection, irritation or other damage to the genitals. “Whilst this is not uncommon, I would not recommend using make-shift sex toys due to the risk of infection and complications,” she told the Mirror.

On the other hand, people have been getting off with random objects “since the beginning of time,” as Dr. Lauren Streicher, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, reminded the New York Post. If you’re looking to DIY self-stimulate, Streicher recommends taking a few common-sense precautions to avoid any trips to the emergency room, including covering any makeshift dildos with condoms and not putting anything with sharp edges in and/or near the genitals, which seems easy enough!

All things considered, putting foreign objects into your body (or putting parts of your body into foreign objects) probably isn’t the worst quarantine hobby to pick up. After all, you could be cutting your own bangs. But if for some reason you’re not totally sold on the idea of shoving a zucchini into an orifice right now, maybe just buy a sex toy?

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